40 Years of Knight Rider – Six things that made it so cool

26th September 2022 | Blog |
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Six of the most unforgettable features of this iconic show When Knight Rider made its TV debut on 26th September 1982, few could have predicted…

🇪🇺 Good news for my European Union customers – No more surprise import fees on orders below €150

13th August 2022 | Blog
An unfortunate side-effect of the UK leaving the European Union is that since then, some of you may have faced some surprise, rather unwelcome customs…

New hope that Eaglemoss partwork builds can be rescued following the company’s collapse

12th August 2022 | Blog
All of us in the model building community have been rocked by the news that Eaglemoss have gone out of business. But there are encouraging…

Receive a FREE mystery Hot Wheels with orders over £100!

6th July 2022 | Blog
Receive a FREE mystery 1:64 Hot Wheels car with orders over £100! Receive a FREE mystery 1:64 Hot Wheels car with orders over £100! Terms…

New workshop, new modding possibilities!

16th June 2022 | Blog |
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It's June already!? I may have been a little quiet online lately but rest assured the modding has been in full throttle! In fact, I've…

Capturing the spirit of Ghostbusters – the story behind the No-Ghost logo

8th June 2022 | Blog
It’s Ghostbusters Day! What better time to take a closer look at one of the film’s most enduring pieces of imagery – the famous No-Ghost…

10% off all my Ecto-1 mods this Ghostbusters Day (8th June) using ‘SLIMER10’

7th June 2022 | Blog |
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Get 10% off all my Ecto-1 mods this Ghostbusters Day – using coupon code SLIMER10 at checkout! Tomorrow is 8th June, which can mean only one…

DeLorean model – complete with mods – takes pride of place in Denver transportation museum

14th August 2021 | Blog
If you’re a fan of the DeLorean Time Machine from Back to the Future, you might be aware that the definitive version of this beloved…

Building Bonds – Why Partwork Modelling is the Ideal Family Activity

19th July 2021 | Blog |
Guest article for Eaglemoss
Building bonds When Eaglemoss invited me as a guest contributor to their blog, I was delighted to oblige. My first article for them is all…

A special Fourth of July discount!

3rd July 2021 | Blog
A special Fourth of July discount – using 4JULY at checkout! To mark our US friends’ Independence Day this Sunday, I’m offering a 10% discount…

One more thing! Did you know you can add to a pending order?

28th June 2021 | Blog
That's right, in case you didn't already know – you can combine new and pending orders at checkout, with no additional shipping fee! We’ve all…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

22nd December 2020 | Blog
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and to also thank you…

MEGA Halloween prize giveaway!

26th October 2020 | Blog
Updated 02-11-2020 **This giveaway has now ended** The winners of the giveaway (selected at random) were as follows: 1st Place – Daniel L, United Kingdom…

A playful twist – introducing my mods for the Playmobil DeLorean Time Machine

1st October 2020 | Blog
Serious modellers might not consider the DeLorean model by Playmobil worthy of a place in their collection. But while this might be a toy, it…

A thousand thank yous!

30th September 2020 | Blog
A thousand thank yous! I’m delighted to have passed the milestone of 1,000 followers on my Facebook page. I truly appreciate your interest in my…
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