And action! New video showcasing my DeLorean mods

It would be fair to say that I’m a big film fan – what else would drive me to spend countless hours recreating details from movie cars?! So I’m proud to present a first for Mike Lane Mods – a short film of my own. Made to showcase some of my Eaglemoss DeLorean mods in action, it is available to watch now below:

I hope that this film will offer some ideas and inspiration to fellow Build the DeLorean enthusiasts. It shows how my upgrades can enhance the look of your 1:8 scale model. I hope it also provides a useful extra resource to help you visualise how these mods look and work on a real-life completed model. The film demonstrates several of my most popular mods including my licence plate kits, tyre transfers and miniature cable ties and gives an insight into the impact they have on the overall appearance of the model.

The stylish production and shooting of this film are the work of award-winning film producer Josh Turchetta. Josh was involved in the 2016 film OUTATIME: Saving the DeLorean Time Machine, which documents the restoration of the original DeLorean Hero ‘A’ car used in the Back to the Future movies.

OUTATIME is a tribute to the love and dedication which went into saving the DeLorean time machine and bringing it back for public viewing at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.

I’m hugely grateful to Josh for bringing some of his star quality and artistry to my own short film. Everything, from the lighting to the sweeping cinematic shots, is superbly executed, and the result really does justice to the stunning DeLorean model, and also to my collection of mods. You can see a few moments from the production of the film in the photos below.

Shooting the film of Mike Lane Mods DeLorean mods
Mr Fusion fuel chamber from Back to the Future
DeLorean model complete with mods from Mike Lane mods
Filming DeLorean model with open gull-wing door
Steve Concotelli with mods from Mike Lane Mods
Steve Concotelli - Director of 'OUTATIME: Saving the DeLorean Time Machine'

It has also been a pleasure to receive feedback about my mods from another world-renowned DeLorean authority, Steve Concotelli (pictured below). He wrote and directed the OUTATIME film, so his opinion means a lot to me. Steve said:

“I recently ordered a bunch of Time Machine mods from Mike Lane – and I’m adding them to my build. Once again, I’m blown away. The level of detail Mike puts into these mods is above and beyond. So far, I’ve installed his carpet mod and 1/8 scale zip ties (had to use 2 pair of tweezers to do it). It’s amazing how small things can have such a big impact on the accuracy of the car!”

If you haven’t already watched ‘OUTATIME’ make sure you head over to For any fan of Back to the Future and particularly anyone building the Eaglemoss DeLorean it’s a must watch. It’s a fascinating insight into the restoration of the ‘A’ car and something I’ve enjoyed watching countless times now.

And I’d also like to say a huge thank you to DeLorean legend Joe Walser, who oversaw the time machine restoration project featured in the OUTATIME film. Without Joe’s vision, there simply wouldn’t be a DeLorean for all of us modellers to enjoy recreating. He has also been very generous in providing me with expertise, insights and mentorship that have helped me to translate the DeLorean’s details on a small scale.

My sincere appreciation goes out to Josh, Steve and Joe – it’s a real privilege to connect with them through the amazing world of the DeLorean time machine. And I’d like to thank everyone for your interest in my DeLorean mods and your ongoing support. I hope you enjoy watching my short film – and I look forward to sharing more of my mods for great movie cars very soon!

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