DeAgostini 1:8 KITT Knight Rider Build Planner

Build planner – Where you’ll need my mods

1:8 scale Knight Rider KITT model

Issue 02 – Metal Front Bumper Grilles
Issue 03Metal Drilled Brake Discs (Driver side front)
Issue 03Brake Calliper Transfers (Driver side front)
Issue 03Magnetic Hub Cap Conversion Kit (Driver side front)
Issue 04Metal Dashboard Grilles
Issue 09Metal Drilled Brake Discs (Passenger side front)
Issue 09Brake Calliper Transfers (Passenger side front)
Issue 16Magnetic Hub Cap Conversion Kit (Passenger side front)
Issue 37Magnetic Hub Cap Conversion Kit (Driver side rear)
Issue 39Magnetic Hub Cap Conversion Kit (Passenger side rear)

Issue 44 2-in-1 Electronic Dashboard Monitors and Power Boost
Issue 49Front Carpets
Issue 52Front Carpets
Issue 52Floor Mats
Issue 52 – Heel and Toe Pads
Issue 58 – PMD Seat Badges
Issue 61 – PMD Seat Badge
Issue 66 – Trunk Carpets, Extension Cables

Forward thinking

My Build Planner is designed as a handy reference if you’re thinking about incorporating some of my mods into your own KITT model build-up. It enables you to plan ahead and to think about the upgrades you might want to order as you go along.

The installation of some of my mods will of course need to be carefully scheduled to coincide with a specific stage of the build. In some cases, adding the next components on the partwork journey makes it very tricky – or even impossible – to backtrack to accommodate a mod. So it’s well worth planning for these additions in advance.

This also means it can make sense to hold off from proceeding with the project at some stages, and letting a few issues collect before continuing – this ensures you can allow time for mods to be ordered and delivered. I find that this delayed gratification can even make the process more enjoyable. A partwork model project like the K2000 can include some stages that don’t provide many new parts. Saving a few up to work on at once can make for a fun extended building session.

Taking it up a gear

The 1:8 KITT model is a brilliant replica of the futuristic car we all love from the original Knight Rider series. The construction quality is great and the features really bring a smile – from the red scanner lights to the opening doors and all the details inside this legendary 80s car.

Working through the build-up issues without deviating from the manufacturer’s design is a perfectly good approach, and will be enough for many modellers. But for me, an extra level of satisfaction can be found in upgrading, tweaking and correcting components of the model as I go.

So, if you too are looking forward to giving your KITT model an added touch of luxury and realism by adding my products, I hope you find this Build Planner a useful companion. It should help you blend your modding schedule with the official KITT build. And to whet your appetite for what’s in store as your very own K2000 takes shape over the months to come.

  Detailing tips

Aside from the mods available above, here you’ll find some additional, general detailing tips which will further improve the accuracy of your 1:8 Knight Rider KITT by DeAgostini.

Issue 51 – The armrest

I recommend painting the armrest (part 51D) black to accurately match how it looked in KITT. The cream armrest was an unfortunate inaccuracy carried over from a replica KITT used for the production of this model. To repaint this, I would recommend a coat of Tamiya Fine Surface Primer, followed by two coats of Tamiya TS-6 Matt Black and an optional final coat of clear matt lacquer to protect the paint.

Close-up of KITT Front Carpets mod