DeLorean Self-adhesive Pre-cut Carpet Set

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  Designed for Issues 39-40 and 52-55 of the Build the DeLorean Time Machine by Eaglemoss. View build planner

Self-adhesive and professionally cut from specialist scale carpet material, these carpets for the Eaglemoss DeLorean model are high quality and screen-accurate in colour.

These mods are easy to install and designed to fit your model perfectly – just peel and stick!

What’s included:

‘Complete Set’ includes carpet mods for the following sections:

  • Front footwells
  • Centre console sides
  • Door sills
  • Handbrake base
  • Rear bulkhead

‘Footwells Set Only’ includes carpet for the following sections:

  • Front footwells
  • Centre console sides

‘Bulkhead Set Only’ includes carpet for the following sections:

  • Door sills
  • Handbrake base
  • Rear bulkhead

Designed for the DeLorean Time Machine 1:8 model by Eaglemoss.

All other model parts and accessories shown in the photos outside of the ‘What’s included’ list above are not included and are shown purely for demonstration and application purposes.

44 reviews for DeLorean Self-adhesive Pre-cut Carpet Set

  1. Graeme Kingston (verified owner)

    Great mod. Precision made and easy to fit. I can't believe Eaglemoss didn't incude carpets - but if they had, they wouldn't be as classy as these.

  2. Mark

    Love the mods need to sort out all of them to buy soon

  3. BigPhilly71 (verified owner)

    Surely Eaglemoss have been in touch Mike to offer you a role in the development team. You put the publishers to shame. The finished model is great, but with these carpets and your other mods, it's truly exceptional. Thanks Mike for making all our models so much better. A**********

  4. Mohamed Shahri Seradeen (verified owner)

    These carpets are awesome & so well done. It easy to install. Will definitely be back to buy more goodies! Thanks again, Mike!
    Thumbs up...

  5. Francesco

    Molto veloce

  6. Jose Rene

    Mike a SUPER job with the Floor Carpet. Amazing to install. I cant wait for my Decal Set II to arrive and the Mini Cable Ties. Thank you again Mike for all of the wonderful MODS.

  7. Thortok2000

    You can't build the car without these. The difference it makes is incredible. They go on like they belong there, because they do. I always get scared I'll mess things up, but it was actually very forgiving. If I can do it, you can too! This is a must have mod. This one tiny detail changes the feel of the entire interior of your car.

  8. Marcel2112 (verified owner)

    Very happy with it!

  9. lway19

    Makes my back to the future DeLorean look more like the films deLorean and I’m glad to have gotten this mod and eventually will be getting more soon

  10. Brian MacNutt (verified owner)

    My DeLorean is looking good! These carpet sets are dead-on perfect! I can't recommend Mike Lane Mods enough! Will definitely be back to buy more goodies! Thanks again, Mike!

  11. pauly (verified owner)

    This kit is so well done. Putting it in the car now. Thank you, mike!!! Now my DeLorean has realistic looking scale carpeting.

  12. James Roberts

    For something that goes largely unnoticed you won't beleive how you ever thought of building the car without these. Very easy to apply and fit like a glove. With the usual Mike Lane quality you will be very glad you bought these.
    Thanks for your hard work Mike and for making my model the best it can be.

  13. HenLab (verified owner)

    This is a must have, highly recommended. Such great quality and so easy to install.

  14. Matthew.Boland1

    I don’t normally leave feedback as from a large organisation you expect quality but for Mike I just had to because what you get is totally amazing. Remember this is one person on his own dedicated to providing quality decals at amazing prices. I have purchase many items through Mike and have spoken to him for advice. He has always been helpful and you can tell he does this for the joy of it. So the products themselves, they come very well packaged and not just the delivery box the decals come in cool back to the future card wallets it’s a joy to open. The decals themselves are quality, expertly printed and expertly cut. No matter if you have just started a build or half way through pick up these mods, it will really make a difference to the car and the looks. In a world of selling products at volume and poor quality assurance it is refreshing to know there are sites like this that actually do this for you and the joy is from the feedback of people taking pics of the mods and sharing from Mike and how amazing they look. Mike, Sir, keep up the great work... For a small business you put the large ones to shame. I look forward to the upcoming DeLorean mods, you know I’m first in line to get them. Everyone else search through the site and I hope you enjoy your new purchased mods as much as I have.


  15. Fred Fuchs

    These carpets are awesome.


    Una MOD veramente indispensabile e di indiscussa qualità per il nostro modello, incredibile come cambia l'aspetto con e senza MOD, come sempre Mike non si smentisce, solo il meglio per la nostra Delorean

  17. Richard

    Easy to fit and hides that awful plastic floor, top marks Mike

  18. Vince Steele

    I wanted a carpet for my DeLorean but I didn't want to have to bother drawing up a template and cutting the thing to the right shape. Enter Mike Lane with his ready cut, sticky backed carpet. This was one of the first mods I ordered for my DeLorean and it really does add that little bit of extra realism to EM's basic model. Easy enough to apply and there's buckley's chance it will ever unstick itself. That's some impressive glue you've got on these Mike. I can't imagine my DeLorean without it now. Thanks Mike. You've raised the bar on quality yet again.

  19. Jerry Ent Sterenborg (verified owner)

    Wat is een Delorean met een kale bodem? Deze set maakt het interieur van je Delorean gewoon af.
    Bij twijfel; Kopen! Het verhoogt je bouwvreugde.

  20. Florian Kerschbaumer

    I've ordered the carpet a half year ago, plus decal set 1&2 and the dashboard mod, the bonnet&luggage set.

    All things from Mike are awesome!
    Fits perfectly and make a lot of fun!

    Thanks Mike!

  21. mark khameeree

    the carpet mod was 100 times better easy to install and makes your build look more real

  22. mark khameeree

    the carpet mod I saw a lot of builders buying the carpet mod I thought might not be that good then desided to buy was was shocked the quality was brilliant easy to fix so glad I purchase the carpet

  23. jameser88

    Another must-have mod for your model. The carpet really improves the realism cabin of the DeLorean no end. A lot of thought went into the design of this mod as all the pieces are precision cut and perfectly measured to ensure a great fit. The glue is super-strong, so there is no danger of any corners lifting over time.


    I have bought almost all Mikes mods but the carpet is the best. I think this mod is essential for your Delorean.

  25. Don

    Amazing mod I can’t wait to put it in my car when I get to that part and definitely can’t wait to order your other mods. I got the set off your eBay store and then a few days later after buying I found your website lol.

  26. James

    Perfekter zuschnitt, so sieht der Wagen hochwertiger aus und nicht mehr wie Spielzeug

  27. rocky_overes (verified owner)

    I just ordered these, it's an absolute must have for your delorean model.

  28. Laurent M

    This carpet is another awesome must have. The car is really better with this carpet. I suggest to get them both to be 100% accurate !
    This is on my car since months and it is still really great! Thanks mike again for the quality and your time to make this append!

  29. fionalou002 (verified owner)

    This carpet set is absolutely Brilliant. I'm so glad that I bought the whole set. Thanks very much for an excellent mod Mike. Fiona. T

  30. Chris

    The carpet fits perfectly. Great mod for the Delorean

  31. nick_prijs_82 (verified owner)

    Probably the most important mod (at least to start with)!
    As real as real can get

  32. kikkertjay (verified owner)

    Just received my carpets today (within one week to the Netherlands).
    Haven't got the chance yet to fit it, because we're Just getting started with the build here in the Netherlands, but (with the help of YouTube) it will defently will fit like a globe. Thanks Mike 👍

  33. michaelbperkins

    No DeLorean model is complete without this carpeting! Easy to apply and the improvements are exponential.

  34. Kristine Wenrich

    The carpet mod is perfect for the model. It is cut to fit all the contours of the floor. Once it is installed it makes the model look so realistic. This is a must upgrade for the Delorean.

  35. Peter Schuster

    Great set, easy to install and perfect fit. The model doesn't feel complete without this mod. Great work, Mike :)

  36. Paul Allen

    Having purchased every single one of Mike Lane's Delorean Mods, I can honestly say that the man is a genius, and his mods shine accordingly...!
    I think this was the first proper mod I bought (originally purchased the paper templates but thought better of it) and I was blown away with the detail.

  37. Andrew Killgallon

    These pieces are cut to perfection and when completed looks exactly how you'd hope it would! Highly recommended A+++

  38. Chris Masterson

    It gives the model a complete feel. Makes the interior feel more like a real car. Another great product from a great creator!

  39. Chris Masterson

    Love the set! It gives the model a complete feel. I wish Eaglemoss was as smart and creative as Mike Lane is. Makes the interior feel more like a real car. Keep up the great work!!

  40. timmcleod6243

    Great little kit. Can’t wait till I can get it installed in the car! Once again a great product from Mike!

  41. William Chun

    Great carpet kit takes the worries of not having accurate carpets

  42. gwtmillar

    The carpet set is honestly a must great quality product and adds a great deal of realism to the model

  43. Heiko Blinzig

    the carpet is great... very soft, fluffy ... it fits everything perfectly. I'm excited. I love it. Thanks Mike

  44. timo139

    This carpet set is Awesome and easy to install the car the car look very realistic with this awesome mod im happy with that 😊thank you Mike i love it very good quality

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