Decal Set I

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£16.00 ex VAT

Made-to-order (Typically 3-4 weeks)

  Designed for Issues 1, 42 and 43 of the Build the DeLorean Time Machine by Eaglemoss. View build planner

Professionally printed, high resolution stickers on high-quality self-adhesive vinyl. They are laser-cut and easy to apply – simply peel and stick.

What’s included:

  • Brushed and satin silver options for the time circuit fronts and sides – Features added detailing such as corrected fonts and colours, and side rivets added (NB: The satin silver option is more screen-accurate, but some prefer the look of the brushed metal effect. I include both so that you can make your own personal choice). The front stickers also help to improve and reduce some of the light bleed that this part suffers with.  
  • TFC DRIVE sticker – Featuring corrected fonts and colours
  • OUTATIME number plate stickers – To replace the inaccurate holographic ones supplied for the standard embossed OUTATIME plate
  • HIGH VOLTAGE stickers – For the gold box with the word ‘CAUTION’ added (includes 1 spare)
  • 1–6 switch sticker – With additional detail, to replace the supplied 1–6 numbered plate (NB: This sticker is designed to be stuck directly to the model part and not to the old 1-6 plate)
All other model parts and accessories shown in the photos outside of the ‘What’s included’ list above are not included and are shown purely for demonstration and application purposes only.

28 reviews for Decal Set I

  1. Thortok2000

    These tiny little details really do matter. The coloring on the time display being corrected is my favorite part of this pack. And of course, the switch button panel is almost mandatory. After that, the rest of these decals are just icing on the cake! I always get scared I'll mess up with my fat fingers, but with a little patience they all went on perfectly!

  2. Brian MacNutt (verified owner)

    This was the first of three sets of decals I bought, and I was humbled when they arrived. I bow down to you, Mike; you've done it again! Your attention to detail and spot-on graphics are truly unsurpassed! Excellent!

  3. pauly (verified owner)

    Ever since I saw the message boards, I had wanted to buy this decal set. I just needed to find the right time in the build formit. Well, that time has come and I am so thrilled. No, tickled, with the attention to detail! Thank you

  4. James Roberts

    Mike Lanes decal set 1 is the first mod you'll buy and I guarantee it won't be the last. The quality is astounding and the application is easy too!

  5. thebizzyC

    One of the best mods I've seen so far. Keep up the good work :)


    Un set di adesivi veramente incredibile per qualità, come sempre Mike non si smentisce, solo il meglio per la nostra Delorean

  7. Richard

    A must have for your Delorean! bring your model to life with these decals, fantastic Thanks Mike

  8. Vince Steele

    I got this one mainly for the sticker that covers up those ugly 1-6 numbers on the button console. Everything else that came with this set is just an added bonus. Thanks Mike. You're saving this build for quite a lot of people around the world who would have otherwise given up on the lack of quality from EM's model dept.

  9. Jerry Ent Sterenborg (verified owner)

    Zo mooi! Een echte aanwinst voor je Delorean.
    Ik snap niet hoe Mike dit zo gedetailleerd voor elkaar weet te krijgen. Mocht je twijfelen over de aanschaf; gewoon doen!

  10. mark khameeree

    makes the DELOREAN build a 100 times better worth every penny

  11. comito

    You're stickers add at great addition to the model and make the build seem authentic!! I really appreciate your enthusiasm and hard work with the stickers you produce! Stickers are of high quality and provide that completed touch to the model every time I order the decals! Thank you so much for your time you put into making all of our models looking fantastic and as authentic as possible!

  12. phart44

    If your not getting Mike’s Mods then you really don’t want your models to look their best! I too have enhanced my model with what can only be described as the very best, incredibly detailed and exreamly accurate mods.
    Hats off to you Mike!
    Paul Hart
    Australia 🇦🇺

  13. James

    super Arbeit und nur zu empfehlen...

  14. jeanmag69

    J'ai acheté les set 1et 2 de Mikes et chacun d'entre eux sont de trés bonne qualité et bien emballé. Ce qui ajoute un plus à la voiture.

  15. Laurent Mas

    This decals set is also a must have to improve your Delorean !
    Thanks mike to have made such great mod!

  16. Stewart Forbes (verified owner)

    These mods are to die for outstanding service and workmanship, with eye for the smallest details

  17. rockwellcm

    This was on of the first mods I bought for my Delorean and the first thing that sprang out was the fantastic packaging ,the decals went on the car perfectly and enhance the appearance over the stock decals

    Donald S

  18. p.greijdanus (verified owner)

    Mike puts detail in to your model. Every little peace adds something more to it. You can see that its a labor of love for mike. I am very much enjoying Mikes work form Holland and will recommend his work to fellow builders!

  19. michaelbperkins

    This set fixes the glaring inaccuracies on the time circuit controls and really brings the interior to life.

  20. Kristine Wenrich

    Decal set 1 takes the Delorean time circuits and more to a new level of accuracy. Not only do they look awesome but they correct what is wrong with the original kit or adds to what is missing. So glad these are available.

  21. James Bassham

    I bought this initially because I disliked the "reflective" month and year stickers EM had on the license plate (being from California I knew they were wrong). Once I received the set I was blown away by the quality and detail in all the other decals and now I want all of Mike Lane's mods. The attention to detail and quality of the work is exceptional. They really make the model.

  22. Peter Schuster

    Its the little detail that give the model that extra touch. Awesome work, Mike :) :)

  23. Paul Allen

    Having purchased every single one of Mike Lane's Delorean Mods, I can honestly say that the man is a genius, and his mods shine accordingly...!
    Love the labels and the add on panels as they help make the finished model look more authentic.

  24. Andrew Killgallon

    Mike is great at what he does! These decals might be the tiniest details but Mike makes it very easy to apply to your car. As a major fan of BTTF, its all in the details and these decals are a must!

  25. leyendekkers (verified owner)

    This quality is superb !
    Too bad, i can't use it straight away.
    Keep it up Mike

  26. Sven Lutz

    Only one word: Perfection !

  27. gwtmillar

    I have bought every one of Mikes mods and every one of them are excellent quality and well packaged. They add a great amount of detail to the car

  28. timo139

    Decal set 1 ist der unglaublich vorher ohne das decal set sah mein auto nicht so aus wie im film und jetzt mit dem set ist mein Delorean richtig detailiert wie im film super mod kann ich nur empfehlen😊

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