Dashboard Panel / Instrument Cluster

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  Designed for Issue 45 of the Build the DeLorean Time Machine by Eaglemoss. View build planner

This new improved instrument cluster (aka dashboard panel) replaces the supplied Eaglemoss version. 

Includes additional detailing which has been painstakingly matched to the real Delorean dashboard, as well as a custom ‘light bleed blocker’ on the rear of the panel to correct the light bleed issues that the existing panel suffers with.

It also includes an angled clear lens which the standard model does not include, making it more accurate to the real car. The clear lens features a small spike at the top to hold it into place within the dash housing (all explained within the instructions provided).

it is easy to install, even at later stages of the build. The old dash pops out with the aid of the supplied tool and the new one can be swapped into place. Instructions are provided.

Available in either a 0mph or 88mph edition.

The 0mph edition is popular with fans who consider their model ‘stationary’, and therefore at 0mph.

Aside from the iconic speed, the 88mph edition is also very popular and makes more sense as when the model is powered up the white box on top of the dash lights up to showing its current speed of ’88’.

Added detailing includes:

  • Exact mileage at which Marty first enters time travel
  • Volts and Temp etc are all accurate to screenshots from the movie
  • Custom ‘1985’ trip
  • Sharper, more accurate design 
  • Correction of the DWC error that earlier panels suffered with

What’s included:

  • 1 x Set of fitting instructions
  • 1 x Updated dash panel
  • 1 x Additional angled front lens
  • 1 x Pin tool (for dash removal and lens installation) 
All other model parts and accessories shown in the photos outside of the ‘What’s included’ list above are not included and are shown purely for demonstration and application purposes only.

25 reviews for Dashboard Panel / Instrument Cluster

  1. Sebastian (verified owner)

    Super zufrieden, sehr empfehlenswert !!

  2. Gerwyn Moores (verified owner)

    Mike's mod elevates the exquisite detail of the dash to a new atmospheric level. His attention to detail, is without question, demonstrating his passion for the products he produces. Congratz Mike!

  3. Bobby Jones

    This mod is super high quality. The gauge cluster is way better quality than the EM version.

  4. Brian MacNutt (verified owner)

    I love this instrument panel; it completely sets off my dash! Smashing! Now if I could only shrink myself down to 1/8 scale to drive this baby, I'd be all set! Thanks again, Mike, for making my DeLorean come to life!

  5. pauly (verified owner)

    I just received my instrument panel/ odometer today, and let me just say, this is a work of art. Eaglemoss should be ashamed of what they continue to put out, but I’m so grateful for Mike! Thanks Mike! Now, my panel will look great!

  6. James Roberts

    This is the only clock set you'll want in your car. The light comes from the correct places and has pin sharp printing so it looks amazing. I can't imagine my build with any lesser version


    Un cruscotto veramente incredibile per qualità, non e' minimamente paragonabile a quello fornito da Eaglemoss, se volete che la vostra Delorean sia il piu' fedele possibile all'originale questa MOD e veramente indispensabile, come sempre Mike non si smentisce, solo il meglio per la nostra Delorean

  8. Richard

    Another must have mod from Mike, looks miles better than the original and i love the screen

  9. Vince Steele

    Trust Eaglemoss to go and issue the dash with a big printing error and then try and fix it later on with a sticker to put over the front of the thing. The fix works, but it also blocks the amount of light that can shine through from the LED behind the dash board. So trust Mike Lane to come up with not only a fix that ensures the DMC logo is right way up, but also that improves the graphics quality and adds a couple of extra elements to the display. Plus you get a bonus perspex dash cover, which Eaglemoss completely forgot to include into the build. I chose the 0mph edition because my car is stationary, but the 88mph version is just as awesome, and it's nice to have a choice of which one to order.

  10. Jose Rene Guitian II

    Mike you are Amazing my friend. What a fantastic job.

  11. Jose Rene Guitian II

    I can’t wait to get my first mods

  12. mark khameeree

    was so glad I got this was 100 times better than the em one

  13. jameser88

    This mod is essential for your model. The original, with the infamous typo, looks amateurish compared Mike's. For the size it is, the detail and clarity is amazing. It is easy to see the care and attention that went in to this.

  14. James

    Tolle Arbeit und saubere Druck... alles super zu lesen

  15. Laurent M

    I can only put 5 stars to this mod! I remember discussing with mike last year when I saw that EM put the logo on the wrong side... guest what mike told me he will fix it. And boom some days after this dashboard come to life! Glad to had ping mike to get this huge great mod! 88 miles one is the one I get :)

  16. Bill Green

    Absolute must for every delorean build. Very detailed and excellent craftsmanship. Corrects the DWC error and adds a realistic front screen to the instrument cluster.
    Order one now, you cant do without it!

  17. fionalou002 (verified owner)

    This replacement instrument panel is Excellent. Having the glass panel as well, really improves the dash. Thanks Mike. Keep up the good work. Fiona. T

  18. Kristine Wenrich

    This panel mod is not only cool but a must as the original one that comes with the kit has a logo misprint. This mod not only corrects that, it also has light blocking and includes a clear 'glass' pane that makes the dash look just like the real car. Thank you Mike for all your efforts and attention to detail.

  19. michaelbperkins

    The dashboard mod is an essential one; either version is going to elevate the quality of your model.

  20. Peter Schuster

    You perfectly corrected what Eaglemoss screwed up. Corrected DMC logo, more details and even a glass cover. Now it feels and looks as it should. Thank you big time ;) :)

  21. John Hunter

    This mod has the quality required to Dash upto 88mph so get on board for a realistic looking speedo.

  22. Paul Allen

    Having purchased every single one of Mike Lane's Delorean Mods, I can honestly say that the man is a genius, and his mods shine accordingly...!
    I love this mod, it finishes off the dashboard nicely...! I particularly love the extra tools and instructions Mike includes; he must have spent hours thinking about the end result. And as for the packaging and envelope labels; I defy anyone to do better...

  23. Sven Lutz

    The Eaglemoss version was ok, this one will make your DeLorean to a masterpiece.

  24. Sebastian

    This dash does make a difference since is lightyears superior even compared to the corrected Eaglemoss part. You just cannot build the DeLorean without this great piece of detail, you simply can't.

  25. timo139

    Bin mega zufrieden 😊es ist leicht zum einbauen und sieht mega echt aus wie im echten Auto kann die Mod nur weiterempfehlen😊

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