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  Designed for Issue 1 of the Build the DeLorean Time Machine by Eaglemoss. View build planner

Screen-accurate and printed in high-definition, each licence plate is entirely magnetic, making installation of this DeLorean mod quick and easy whilst causing no mess or damage to your model. This enables you to swap plates instantly to switch between versions of the car from each movie.

There are 5 DeLorean themed licence plates available:

  • BTTF II BARCODE – from the DeLorean featured in ‘Back to the Future Part II’ and ‘Part III’, in mirrored chrome, just like the original
  • OUTATIME – Updated to match the screen-used plate exactly, even including screw hole detailing which the Eaglemoss plate is missing
  • PARZIVAL – from the DeLorean featured in the movie ‘Ready Player One’
  • ECTO-88 California – from the DeLorean featured in the book ‘Ready Player One’
  • ECTO88 Texas – from the real-life DeLorean owned by Ernest Cline, author of ‘Ready Player One’

What’s included:

‘Single Plate’ set includes:

  • 1 x Single licence plate of your choice
  • 1 x Magnetic kit required to convert your model to take magnetic plates
  • 1 x Magnetic backing card with fold-out stand to display your plate when not on the vehicle

‘BTTF Edition’ set includes:

  • 1 x Updated OUTATIME licence plate
  • 1 x Back to the Future Part II barcode licence plate
  • 1 x Magnetic kit required to convert your model to take magnetic plates
  • 1 x Magnetic display card with fold-out stand

‘Collector’s Edition’ set includes:

  • 1 x Updated OUTATIME licence plate
  • 1 x Back to the Future Part II barcode licence plate
  • 3 x Ready Player One themed licence plates
  • 1 x Magnetic kit required to convert your model to take magnetic plates
  • 2 x Magnetic display cards with fold-out stand

Magnetic kit components:

These sets include everything you need to convert the rear of the car to take magnetic licence plate mods, including:

  • 1 x Self-adhesive ferrous backing plate (labelled ‘A‘) for the rear of the car to attract the magnetic licence plates
  • 1 x Self-adhesive magnetic backing plate (labelled ‘B‘) to convert the Eaglemoss OUTATIME plate to magnetic
  • 1 x Guitar pick (for removing and swapping out the Eaglemoss OUTATIME plate)
  • 1 x Magnetic removal tool (for removing and swapping out the new magnetic licence plates)
  • 1 x Set of improved date stickers for the Eaglemoss OUTATIME plate
The embossed version of the OUTATIME licence plate shown is the standard licence plate provided by Eaglemoss and is therefore not included. The photos demonstrate the conversion kit provided to make this plate magnetic plus the replacement date stickers supplied. All other model parts and accessories shown in the photos outside of the ‘What’s included’ list above are not included and are shown purely for demonstration and application purposes.

22 reviews for Magnetic Licence Plate Kits

  1. John Patterson (verified owner)

    Fantastic Mod a must have for the Delorean. The detail is brilliant and worth waiting for and the little extra gift from Mike shows he cares. Thank you Mike.

  2. Pascal Wick (verified owner)

    Absolutes Unikat, super verarbeitet und sieht einfach genial aus.

  3. Graeme Kingston (verified owner)

    Beautiful alternative license plates. Easy to fit.

  4. Mark Vancak (verified owner)

    I got the BTTF edition, and I love it. I love how you can put a magnet on the Eaglemoss plate. I can use the EM plate, Mike's OUTATIME plate and the barcode plate, and they're super easy to switch out. It's better to put the plates on before you combine the rear of the car with the rest of the car, but it was pretty easy to put the plates on after doing that anyway.

  5. bmacnutt (verified owner)

    These collector plates are top-notch and fun! What more can I say? Another fine offering from the Mike Lane studio!

  6. Thortok2000

    There was an earlier version of this mod that I struggled with and Mike was incredibly supportive and helped me out with. His customer service is amazing! This new version erases all the troubles I had with the first version. It's so easy now! I love it! The barcode plate is the best plate, change my mind XD ...I can't believe EM didn't include the barcode plate. This is perfect.

  7. kabsher0002 (verified owner)

    Absolutely outstanding work. Keep up the good work. Can't wait to see your others.

  8. Richard

    I got the collectors edition set, loved ready player one so it was a must have for my delorean. Top quality and being able to change them in seconds sold me, Thanks Mike

  9. Jerry Ent Sterenborg (verified owner)

    Hoge kwaliteit! Is het onmisbaar? Voor de film liefhebber wel, voor de auto liefhebber wat minder. Ik behoor tot de tweede groep, maar ben reuze blij dat ik deze platen heb gekocht. Het is een verfraaiing van je Delorean.

  10. mark khameeree

    best quality you can buy super fast delivery easy to fix also Mike always gets back to you if you have any problems

  11. James

    Habe mir das ZIDZ Kennzeichen aus Teil 2 gekauft und bin total begeister wie einfach es ist die Kennzeichen zu tauschen...
    Top Arbeit... nur zu empfehlen

  12. rocky_overes (verified owner)

    I just ordered these, they look freaking amazing.
    The detail is unbelievable.

  13. Laurent M

    The first version of this mod was the start of magic mike mods ! The quality is there and mike is an awesome guy. Get all of the custom plate they are unbelievable great!



  15. Keith Ovadenko

    The quality of these plates is better than anything EM will ever produce! Mike Lane should have just been commissioned to design and build the BTTF Delorean kit! Based on this kit I will be ordering everything Mike Lane has made and will make!

  16. michaelbperkins

    If EM was going to make it possible to add Mr. Fusion and tilt the wheels into hover mode, the license plate should've been able to change too. Thankfully, Mike's license plate mod gives your model a personalized touch!

  17. Kristine Wenrich

    We have the original issue of the future plate from Mike. Wish we would have waited for the newer version(s) seen here. Our version is still swap-able to the future license plate and that is priceless.

  18. Paul Allen

    Having purchased every single one of Mike Lane's Delorean Mods, I can honestly say that the man is a genius, and his mods shine accordingly...!
    I love this mod as the detail is fantastic. It also gives me an excuse and reason to 'play' with my Delorean long after its finished...! :0)

  19. Michael Kafke

    What I like about the licence plates? That they even come with a mod for the original EM plates! So you have the choice to use one of these new plates or quickly change it with the old one.
    THAT's love to details!

  20. Sven Lutz

    Easy to install, and a fantastic quality. The idea with the magnet is simple and clever. Now it is super easy to change the license plates.

  21. Kevin bohler

    Awesome work its looks like they were real

  22. darrenlsnyder (verified owner)

    Incredible detail and ease of installation creates a wonderful customization feature to the BTTF Delorean! I highly recommend!

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