Heel and Toe Pads

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Made-to-order (Typically 3-4 weeks)

  Designed for Issue 39 of the Build the DeLorean Time Machine by Eaglemoss. View build planner

This self-adhesive mod for the driver’s side footwell of the Eaglemoss Time Machine model has been designed to accurately match that of the real DeLorean. It complements my pre-cut carpet set for the footwells perfectly.

Accurately scaled down from measurements from the original DeLorean vehicle, the material and finish of each pad are high quality, giving this mod an authentic look and feel.

The heel and toe pads were physically stitched into the carpets during the manufacture of the original DeLorean carpets. They are visible in a number of scenes from Back to the Future, notably in Part II, when Biff breaks his cane whilst hastily exiting the vehicle after arriving back from the future.

Super-easy to install, this DeLorean mod gives an instant upgrade to your model from Eaglemoss, further enhancing the true-to-life look of your car’s interior.

What’s included:

  • 1 x Set of self-adhesive heel and toe pads
All other model parts and accessories shown in the photos outside of the ‘What’s included’ list above are not included and are shown purely for demonstration and application purposes.

4 reviews for Heel and Toe Pads

  1. Brian MacNutt (verified owner)

    These are a great addition to the interior! Well done, Mike! Thanks for the goodies, yet again. What will you think of next?

  2. Martin

    So good I'd even buy another set, but I only have one model! Oh well.

  3. jdmc815 (verified owner)

    Another amazingly detailed mod for the DeLorean!

  4. Graeme Duncan Kingston (verified owner)

    Beautiful additions that add detail and authenticity to the model. Easy to install.

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