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Hero Collector 1:8 Ghostbusters Ecto-1

Enhance your Ecto-1 model by Eaglemoss (aka Hero Collector) with my high-quality, screen accurate mods.

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These meticulously designed upgrades bring an extra edge to your 1:8 scale model with screen-accurate design. The Ghostbusters Ectomobile is one of the most iconic vehicles in movie history. My mods take this awesome model to another level, with details that really help bring the spirit of the Ecto-1 to life.

What others have to say about my Hero Collector Ecto-1 mods:

It’s time to resurrect the Eaglemoss Ecto-1 build with these high-quality hand-crafted completion kits, designed for the missing Issues 36 and 37.

With the chilling news that Eaglemoss is no more, the Ecto-1 build is, unfortunately for now, dead and buried.

The Ecto-1 has sadly entered the partwork modelling spirit world, an infuriating two issues from completion – joining several other beloved models in a graveyard of parts and unfinished builds.

And whilst there’s hopeful news that these builds may be revived in time through another publisher, for now, I’ve made it my mission to help bring them back from the dead.

For the Ecto-1 in this case, I introduce to you my ‘Resurrect the Ecto’ kits – tailor-made parts to complete your build to a higher level of detail and accuracy than would have been possible with the standard kits.

Something else you’d like, or a new mod idea?

If there’s something else that you’d like for this model, feel free to get in touch and I’d be happy to discuss and help make it happen!

The original Ghostbusters Ecto-1

The first Ghostbusters movie, which burst onto our cinema screens in 1984, remains a classic. And it’s hard to imagine this era-defining supernatural comedy without thinking of its central non-human character. Not the spirits, but the movie’s seriously cool car – the Ecto-1, or Ectomobile. With its super-stylish tail fins, fun Ghostbusters insignia, and ghost-catching gadgetry, the Ecto-1 certainly made an impression. And it remains one of the all-time great movie vehicles.

Ghostbusters featured as a staple in my early movie-watching years. As an 80s kid, I was mesmerised by the irresistible blend of action, humour and mild menace. On top of the supernatural element, it was the friendships between the Ghostbusters team that helped make the film such a winner. Who could fail to be entertained by the dry wit and charisma of Bill Murray as Peter Venkman. Or by the distinctive character traits of the other Ghostbusters, Winston, Egon and Ray.

And the Ecto-1 had a charm of its own. In the movie, the car was customised by Dr Ray Stantz as a mobile command centre for use by the Ghostbusters in their new spirit-neutralising enterprise. In real life, the Ecto-1 was adapted from a 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor. These vehicles were used as ambulances or hearses. Ghostbusters hardware consultant Stephen Dane brilliantly adapted the car as the Ectomobile for the film.

The Hero Collector Build the Ghostbusters Ectomobile

Cover of Build the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 magazine Issue 1

The Ectomobile model from Hero Collector is an officially licenced replica of the famous Ghostbusters Ecto-1 vehicle. It’s a 1:8 scale replica which you self-build in monthly installments.

Each stage of the Ectomobile model project build is accompanied by a magazine. In every issue there are features about the Ecto-1 and the Ghostbusters movie, including images and behind-the-scenes glimpses. If you haven’t already subscribed, you can do so at Hero Collector’s website here.

Being a big fan of the Ecto-1 and Ghostbusters myself, this is a dream project for me, and one I couldn’t wait to get my hands on! This is shaping up as a stunning model and a great tribute to the original vehicle. Hero Collector/Eaglemoss do an amazing job of recreating iconic cars such as this, and from seeing what they have in store over the coming issues, this one is no exception. A big thank you to them for developing this and giving us all the opportunity to build our very own piece of the Ghostbusters world.

Modding the Ecto-1

It’s been very exciting to watch the Ectomobile project get underway. The overall build quality is superb as ever, and the detailing and working parts are a joy. But naturally, my critical design eye has alerted me to aspects of the model I’m keen to tweak, fix and take up a notch. So, look out for an ever-growing range of my Ecto-1 mods appear as the build progresses!

Among the first of my Ecto-1 mods available to buy are upgraded hood vents, which more closely resemble those on the original screen car. Magnetic licence plate kits are another early mod I have developed for the Ectomobile. And over the coming months, look out a diverse collection of mods designed to upgrade your model in various ways.

The Ecto-1 1:8 model offers beautiful design and great construction quality. If the 1984 Ghostbusters movie holds a special place in your heart, as it does for me, this replica is a must-have item. But I hope that my mods for the Ecto-1 present you with options to make your model even better. By making subtle but crucial corrections, and bringing fun extra features to your model, these mods can really help bring the spirit of your Ecto-1 to life.

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