Plutonium Case and Clock Face Upgrade Kit

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This upgrade kit has been designed for the ‘1:8 Plutonium Case and Alarm Clock’ supplied with issues 127-130 of the Build the DeLorean Time Machine by Eaglemoss. The case and clock themselves are not included with this mod.

Whilst the case and clock supplied by Eaglemoss are generally great, they are unfortunately missing some of the critical details and finishing touches which help to make them look authentic and true to the originals.

The fuel cells also suffer with some design/manufacture issues which can cause frustration when assembling and displaying.

This kit has been designed to fix these issues whilst also improving the overall look of the case and clock.

What’s included:

  • 1 x Illustrated set of instructions
  • 3 x Precision cut self-adhesive foam inserts
  • 12 x Plastic fuel cell inserts
  • 1 x ‘Radioactive’ vinyl sticker for inside the lid
  • 1 x ‘Clock face’ vinyl sticker

Foam Inserts
These are included to give a more authentic appearance whilst also hiding numerous screw holes. Professionally cut, self-adhesive and easy-to-apply.

Fuel Cell Inserts
These are included to prevent the plutonium cores from falling through the fuel cell containers. This is a design fault with the standard parts and can become quite frustrating without these.

Glueing Tip: Another fault with the fuel cells is that the lids are prone to popping off. I’ve screamed a few times with mine let me tell you! If you wish to glue the lids into place, I would recommend using ‘Humbrol Clearfix AC5708’, but not until the inserts are in place of course! This glue is designed for glueing clear plastic parts without the risk of the ‘frosting’ effect sometimes seen using traditional glues.

Radioactive Sticker
This is included for placement inside the lid, just like the original. Designed to match the other Radioactive symbols printed around the case exactly so that it doesn’t look out of place.

Clock Face Replacement
This upgraded clock face corrects the time to 10:04pm, the time at which Doc Brown sets the alarm for Marty in the first movie. The design also contains additional detailing, matching the original Bulova alarm clock more accurately. This updated clock face is self-adhesive and easy-to-apply, printed in high definition on high quality vinyl. The lens is only loosely glued into place on the original part and can be easily removed with a fine blade to apply this sticker.

All other model parts and accessories shown in the photos outside of the ‘What’s included’ list above are not included and are shown purely for demonstration and application purposes only.

2 reviews for Plutonium Case and Clock Face Upgrade Kit

  1. Robin van helden

    Looks very Nice Mike keep going with this Nice work

  2. Brian MacNutt (verified owner)

    The Plutonium Case and Clock mod definitely hits the mark! Great stuff! One winner after another! Another success! Keep them coming, Mike!

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