Why we choose Revell products

If scale models and replicas are your thing, then Revell is likely to be a name you’re familiar with. The company started out in the USA in 1943 as trailblazers in the manufacture of plastic and die-cast models – particularly ones of historically important cars, aircraft and ships. The company have undergone a series of takeovers and mergers in the years since, but the trusty Revell brand name lives on.

Today, Revell continue to offer an astounding array of replica models for a wide range of interests and tastes. Their famous model kits are enduring favourites for both children and adults alike. They cover the spectrum of simpler projects – ideal for beginners – to more demanding ones for seasoned modellers.

Revell also make a brilliantly diverse range of tools, accessories and supplies to support scale model building. From precision cutting tools and pliers to glues and tapes (and so much more besides), there’s a huge variety of items to choose from. Our menu of Revell products is specially curated with big-scale build-up modelling in mind – and we hope you find these items as valuable as we do.

Something else you’d like?

If there’s another product you’d like to see, or something else that you think other model-makers would find useful, feel free to get in touch and I’d be happy to consider stocking it in future!