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Hot Toys 1:6 Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine

Check out my upgrades for the awesome one-sixth scale replica of the Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine by Hot Toys. Fully compatible with both the original BTTF and new BTTF2 Hot Toys DeLorean.

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This stylish collectible vehicle is a faithful representation of the iconic Back to the Future DeLorean time machine. With my precisely designed, beautifully crafted mods, you can bring your DeLorean an added boost and make it even closer to the real thing.

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The original Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine

Released in 1981 (just a few days before I was born!), the DeLorean Motor Company’s only production vehicle, the DMC-12, would secure its place as one of the most iconic cars in history. With its futuristic stainless steel body, unique gull-wing doors and sleek angular form, this two-seater sports car was unlike anything the world had seen.

These striking qualities made the DeLorean DMC-12 a natural choice as the hero car at the centre of the Back to the Future movies. And, of course, it was this appearance in one of cinema’s greatest action trilogies that made the DeLorean a cult vehicle and immortalised its iconic pop culture status.

The DeLorean in the films, of course, had rather more features than the real-life car. As vehicle modifications go, a transformation into a time machine is up there as quite a major one! And in addition to the gadgetry that allows it to skip between the centuries, the Back to the Future Part II version of the DeLorean (on which the upcoming 2023 Hot Toys model is based) has a very cool new function – a hover conversion to enable flight!

The Hot Toys DeLorean Time Machine model

Hot Toys DeLorean 1:6 scale model

The most striking thing about this ready-built DeLorean replica is its size – at one-sixth scale, it reaches a mighty 72cm in length. This model, available through Hot Toys and Sideshow, is a step-up from the usual one-eighth scale we’re more accustomed to, and makes a serious impact.

And while it might not have the same levels of sophistication as its smaller partwork counterparts (for instance, it’s constructed from plastic rather than metal), this is a bold, impressive replica – and a treat for a Back to the Future fan like me.

There’s plenty to love – details like the gull doors that open and close, and working lights on the interior and exterior are lots of fun. Plus, the upcoming BTTF Part II version of the Hot Toys DeLorean (expected Q3 2023), will have the ability to simulate hover mode. And there’s all the great time machine equipment, such as the Mr Fusion energy reactor and circuit displays.

Unlike the partwork models, this isn’t one you build issue by issue. It comes fully constructed and ready to display. And while, like me, you might love the process and the personal connection you get with partworks, you might also find it a pleasant change to have the instant satisfaction of a piece that’s complete. Especially when it’s an absolute must-have for someone like me, who not only loves models but who adores Back to the Future.

Modding the Hot Toys DeLorean Time Machine

Even for a great pre-built model like this, there’s always room for improvement. And I found plenty of aspects which I was keen to upgrade to make this model as accurate and jaw-dropping as it can be. These upgrades have all been modelled on and designed for the original Back to the Future DeLorean from Hot Toys, but will also be compatible with the Back to the Future II version arriving in 2023.

Developing mods for a model that comes ready built is a challenging undertaking as there isn’t the same level of access to inner components of the model as in a build-up. But, with a little creativity, there’s still plenty that can be upgraded, and I’ve been busy making mods to correct, enhance and supplement the standard model – giving your time machine a luxury lift.

Seeing the Back to the Future DeLorean recreated at this extraordinary scale is a thrill. I hope you agree that with my super-detailed, screen-accurate mods, that experience is stepped up a gear. So take a look at my current range, and watch this space for more Hot Toys DeLorean mods coming your way soon!

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