Here’s just some of the great feedback i’ve received:

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    Mine just arrived. Great detail. As the vents are front and center this mod is a mandatory. Eagle moss really missed on this one. The EM version with those god-awful screws......EM could have done these on theirs for no increase in cost, my guess. Come on Eaglemoss, make the change now!

  2. Mark Vancak (verified owner)

    I got the BTTF edition, and I love it. I love how you can put a magnet on the Eaglemoss plate. I can use the EM plate, Mike's OUTATIME plate and the barcode plate, and they're super easy to switch out. It's better to put the plates on before you combine the rear of the car with the rest of the car, but it was pretty easy to put the plates on after doing that anyway.

  3. Mark Vancak (verified owner)

    The wheel caps work great. Too bad Eaglemoss didn't foresee this issue with changing out the tires. These wheel caps look great and function really well.

  4. François Lauwereys (verified owner)

    Bonjour Mike j'ai bien reçu mon colis des clefs, merci pour ce beaux travail .

  5. Mark Vancak (verified owner)

    It's fantastic! The screw holes didn't bother me, but Mr. Fusion looks so much better with the vinyl wrap on it. I used spackle to fill the holes, then sanded down the parts that needed to be sanded and applied the wrap. Excellent work, Mike!

  6. Martyn Burrows (verified owner)

    Another absolute must have item especially if you are wanting to change the wheels easily without causing damage to gain access to the screws.
    Well done mike on another fantastic product keep up the good work 👍

  7. Martyn Burrows (verified owner)

    This guy who is know as mike lane is an absolute mod god, everything he has ever produced to date is of absolute top quality, trust me when I say you will never be disappointed.
    Keep them all coming mike lane 😊

  8. Laurent (verified owner)

    I have nearly all mike mods, but this one is the most impressive he has ever done!
    Every time Mike mod improve 100% more the EM standard version, but believe me this one improve a million time more.
    If you get the extension this is only a must even if you put already Finish it, remove all and put the upgrade!

  9. Brian Newby (verified owner)

    Another superb mod. Mike Lane walks with Gods.
    My hood box was complete so needed deconstruction which worried me . Instructions superb and it went together marvellous. Can’t rate it any higher
    Just get it!

  10. Darren Hall (verified owner)

    So much effort and thought has gone into this. Instructions are precise and clear, fits together beautifully and the end result is perfect.
    A must have to improve on EM plastic box....

  11. Phil Wheatley

    Just completed this amazing piece of art, easy to do, turns plastic into a real wooden box, don’t dare miss out if your doing this version.

  12. Caprio


  13. Loïc

    Totally amazing !!!
    Are you aware I gonna buy all your stuff ??!!

  14. D. Nieves (verified owner)

    I've purchased every decal set from Mike Lane's Mods and found the level of decal has taken the Eaglemoss BTTF DeLorean to the next level. The quality and the details of the decals are amazing!

  15. Hayes James (verified owner)

    Super Arbeiten, werten die Uhr und die Plutoniumkiste mächtig auf...

  16. Hayes James (verified owner)

    Wie bisher auch wieder hier, top Qualität und super Arbeit.. Werden nicht die letzten Sachen sein die ich bei Mike gekauft habe

  17. Brian MacNutt (verified owner)

    Hey, Mike, this key set is small in size but big in delivery! It's a mod that never occurred to me, but now it makes perfect sense. It fits in perfectly! Thanks for a wonderful product!

  18. Brian MacNutt (verified owner)

    Excellent! Fantastic! Great! Well done! What more can I say? Winner after winner! These wheel caps are superb, Mike- you're still batting a thousand!

  19. 4 Karlheinz Frensch (verified owner)

    Alles supper tolle Arbeit geleistet geht kaum besser, Hochachtung da für Danke. Ps.Wo ist das Restliche? Mike

  20. BigPhilly71 (verified owner)

    Surely Eaglemoss have been in touch Mike to offer you a role in the development team. You put the publishers to shame. The finished model is great, but with these carpets and your other mods, it's truly exceptional. Thanks Mike for making all our models so much better. A**********

  21. Jose Rene

    Fantastic work my friend

  22. Ottavio Alfano

    Mancavano e solo Mike poteva sopperire a questa mancanza!

  23. Ottavio Alfano

    Fantastici ci volevano proprio!

  24. laurent.mas

    Really great mod fo great accuracy!
    Not 100% easy to instead but really manageable.
    if you want the best for your car, do not hesitate, another great mod from mike!

  25. Sandro Hesse

    Absolutely perfect.

  26. Brian MacNutt (verified owner)

    The Plutonium Case and Clock mod definitely hits the mark! Great stuff! One winner after another! Another success! Keep them coming, Mike!

  27. Sebastian (verified owner)

    Super zufrieden, sehr empfehlenswert !!

  28. Brett (verified owner)

    Admittedly, the large screw holes on the Mr. Fusion didn’t bother me as much as I thought they would. That being said, this vinyl wrap is an easy application item that improves the look tremendously. It covers the screw holes and updates the logo giving it an authentic look! It’s an easy and affordable upgrade that makes a world of difference!

  29. Robin van helden

    Looks very Nice Mike keep going with this Nice work

  30. cedrick hannecart

    Rien de tel pour la perfection de la customisation de la Delorean!
    Très bon!

  31. hannecart cedrick

    Top les options!

  32. Mohamed Shahri Seradeen (verified owner)

    These carpets are awesome & so well done. It easy to install. Will definitely be back to buy more goodies! Thanks again, Mike!
    Thumbs up...

  33. Francesco

    Molto veloce

  34. Brian MacNutt (verified owner)

    I just received the smaller bonnet insert and fits like a glove! It arrived at the same time as my new 3D-printed spare tire/rim, so away we go! Again, Thanks, Mike!

  35. Brian MacNutt (verified owner)

    These transfers look the part, and will go far to get my "Green Tubes" in shape! Thanks, Mike, and well done!


    Non conoscevo l' esistenza di mike lane molto interessante ci sono particolari bellissimi sicuramente li comprero'

  37. Matthew

    You have to add this mod to the Delorean otherwise how will it run? The detail on the beer can and bananas is amazing for how small they are. Perfect fit in the Mr Fusion as well. Don’t skip this mod if you want to get it as real as possible. It will bring a smile to your face after having to deal with the tiny springs in issue 4.

  38. bmacnutt (verified owner)

    Well, if I said it once, I'll say it happily again - A1! These rub-downs will do the job nicely! Mike's marvellous mods make modelling magical!

  39. bmacnutt (verified owner)

    These collector plates are top-notch and fun! What more can I say? Another fine offering from the Mike Lane studio!

  40. Gerwyn Moores (verified owner)

    Mike's mod elevates the exquisite detail of the dash to a new atmospheric level. His attention to detail, is without question, demonstrating his passion for the products he produces. Congratz Mike!

  41. Brian MacNutt (verified owner)

    Hey, Mike, you did it again! These rub-down transfers are the cat's pyjamas! They're not only spot-on with the lettering font and style, but your removal cloth also rids the tyres of the inaccurate EM lettering on the backside of each. Top notch! With all of your mods I purchased, the model should be called the ML edition instead of the EM edition. Keep up the great re-work-ing!

  42. kabsher0002 (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic job Mike has done with this one. It makes it look 1000 times better.

  43. Kevin Bryan (verified owner)

    Amazing quality, and really help the interior of the car look like it should. A quality set of needle nose tweezers really helps with the installation of these, but really is worth the effort fitting them. They look fantastic.

  44. Kevin Bryan (verified owner)

    Excellent decals. The level of detail is outstanding and amazingly accurate to the original car. Just makes the car so much better.

  45. Jose Rene

    Mike a SUPER job with the Floor Carpet. Amazing to install. I cant wait for my Decal Set II to arrive and the Mini Cable Ties. Thank you again Mike for all of the wonderful MODS.

  46. Sam Weston

    These are a no brainer for those looking for authenticity. The improvement in look as a result of these transfers is huge. Buy without hesitation!

  47. Michael Colin (verified owner)

    Finally my Mr Fusion looks like it is supposed to.

  48. Adam Mason (verified owner)

    Great quality vinyl wrap! Covers those ugly holes nicely. Mike's advice is totally sound at applying the vinyl to the Mr Fusion. Fantastic mod Mike. I've bought nearly all of Mike Lanes mods, cant wait to see what comes next!!

  49. Adam Mason (verified owner)

    Received this in the post today, I've got to say... WOW!!! The attention to detail on the fuel is immense, cant wait to add it to the display of my build. Well done and thanks Mike Lane for, yet, another awesome Mod!!

  50. Thortok2000

    There was an earlier version of this mod that I struggled with and Mike was incredibly supportive and helped me out with. His customer service is amazing! This new version erases all the troubles I had with the first version. It's so easy now! I love it! The barcode plate is the best plate, change my mind XD ...I can't believe EM didn't include the barcode plate. This is perfect.

  51. Thortok2000

    You can't build the car without these. The difference it makes is incredible. They go on like they belong there, because they do. I always get scared I'll mess things up, but it was actually very forgiving. If I can do it, you can too! This is a must have mod. This one tiny detail changes the feel of the entire interior of your car.

  52. Thortok2000

    These tiny little details really do matter. The coloring on the time display being corrected is my favorite part of this pack. And of course, the switch button panel is almost mandatory. After that, the rest of these decals are just icing on the cake! I always get scared I'll mess up with my fat fingers, but with a little patience they all went on perfectly!

  53. maartenvermaak (verified owner)

    Very tiny, but with some practice these are good to handle. They look asome.

  54. maartenvermaak (verified owner)

    Very detailed quality item. Mike Lane does live up to his promisses!

  55. kabsher0002 (verified owner)

    Absolutely outstanding work. Keep up the good work. Can't wait to see your others.

  56. Marcel2112 (verified owner)

    Very happy with it!

  57. Bobby Jones

    This mod is super high quality. The gauge cluster is way better quality than the EM version.

  58. lway19

    Makes my back to the future DeLorean look more like the films deLorean and I’m glad to have gotten this mod and eventually will be getting more soon

  59. Brian MacNutt (verified owner)

    I can't wait to get these installed in my bonnet! I'm waiting for the rest of my subscription but getting more excited by the moment when I see these Mike Lane Mods! The tools are exquisite and it made me wish again that I could be 1:8 scale and start tinkering on the engine! Thanks, Mike, for all you've done!

  60. Brian MacNutt (verified owner)

    My DeLorean is looking good! These carpet sets are dead-on perfect! I can't recommend Mike Lane Mods enough! Will definitely be back to buy more goodies! Thanks again, Mike!

  61. Brian MacNutt (verified owner)

    I love this instrument panel; it completely sets off my dash! Smashing! Now if I could only shrink myself down to 1/8 scale to drive this baby, I'd be all set! Thanks again, Mike, for making my DeLorean come to life!

  62. Brian MacNutt (verified owner)

    This was the first of three sets of decals I bought, and I was humbled when they arrived. I bow down to you, Mike; you've done it again! Your attention to detail and spot-on graphics are truly unsurpassed! Excellent!

  63. Brian MacNutt (verified owner)

    Top-notch offerings! They are going to look amazing on my DeLorean! There are fun to look at and will be dynamite when placed on the car! I can't wait to finish my build! Great stuff, MIke!

  64. Brian MacNutt (verified owner)

    This third set rocks! They are on equal par with the first two sets and I'm very happy to have these decals. Thank you, Mike! I will shop with you again!

  65. Brian MacNutt (verified owner)

    The cable ties are exquisite and in perfect scale. Way to go, Mike!

  66. pauly (verified owner)

    This kit is so well done. Putting it in the car now. Thank you, mike!!! Now my DeLorean has realistic looking scale carpeting.

  67. pauly (verified owner)

    Ever since I saw the message boards, I had wanted to buy this decal set. I just needed to find the right time in the build formit. Well, that time has come and I am so thrilled. No, tickled, with the attention to detail! Thank you

  68. pauly (verified owner)

    I just received my instrument panel/ odometer today, and let me just say, this is a work of art. Eaglemoss should be ashamed of what they continue to put out, but I’m so grateful for Mike! Thanks Mike! Now, my panel will look great!

  69. James Roberts

    For something that goes largely unnoticed you won't beleive how you ever thought of building the car without these. Very easy to apply and fit like a glove. With the usual Mike Lane quality you will be very glad you bought these.
    Thanks for your hard work Mike and for making my model the best it can be.

  70. James Roberts (verified owner)

    Mike does it again! Decal set 3 is a different level of detail. These decals bring the car to life and add an authenticity that cannot be replicated. A must have if you want a realistic model, you will not be disappointed.

  71. James Roberts

    This is the only clock set you'll want in your car. The light comes from the correct places and has pin sharp printing so it looks amazing. I can't imagine my build with any lesser version

  72. James Roberts

    This set is unrivaled. You wouldn't think this area of the car could be made special but Mike Lane proves again that he's a magician by providing a tool set made to scale to really beautify the trunk. My favourite of your mods Mike, great work.

  73. James Roberts

    A really nice set with details you didn't think you needed until you apply them and you realise the car was bare without them.

  74. James Roberts

    Mike Lanes decal set 1 is the first mod you'll buy and I guarantee it won't be the last. The quality is astounding and the application is easy too!

  75. James Roberts (verified owner)

    A must have. Nothing out there comes close and they really set the car off.

  76. HenLab (verified owner)

    This is a must have, highly recommended. Such great quality and so easy to install.

  77. Matthew.Boland1

    I don’t normally leave feedback as from a large organisation you expect quality but for Mike I just had to because what you get is totally amazing. Remember this is one person on his own dedicated to providing quality decals at amazing prices. I have purchase many items through Mike and have spoken to him for advice. He has always been helpful and you can tell he does this for the joy of it. So the products themselves, they come very well packaged and not just the delivery box the decals come in cool back to the future card wallets it’s a joy to open. The decals themselves are quality, expertly printed and expertly cut. No matter if you have just started a build or half way through pick up these mods, it will really make a difference to the car and the looks. In a world of selling products at volume and poor quality assurance it is refreshing to know there are sites like this that actually do this for you and the joy is from the feedback of people taking pics of the mods and sharing from Mike and how amazing they look. Mike, Sir, keep up the great work... For a small business you put the large ones to shame. I look forward to the upcoming DeLorean mods, you know I’m first in line to get them. Everyone else search through the site and I hope you enjoy your new purchased mods as much as I have.


  78. thebizzyC

    One of the best mods I've seen so far. Keep up the good work 🙂

  79. Fred Fuchs

    These carpets are awesome.

  80. Fred Fuchs

    These add to the authenticity of the model like no other.

  81. Timo (verified owner)

    Hab heute mein Kofferraum set von Mike bekommen sieht mega geil aus kann es kaum abwarten es einzubauen in mein auto😊

  82. ALESSANDRO_SPILLER (verified owner)

    Un altra MOD di sicuro effetto che conferisce al modello tutto un altro aspetto,come sempre di ottima qualità, se volete che i cavetti della Delorean siano identici al modello del film non potete farne a meno,vi consiglio di prenderne almeno due confezioni, come sempre Mike non si smentisce, solo il meglio per la nostra Delorean


    Un cruscotto veramente incredibile per qualità, non e' minimamente paragonabile a quello fornito da Eaglemoss, se volete che la vostra Delorean sia il piu' fedele possibile all'originale questa MOD e veramente indispensabile, come sempre Mike non si smentisce, solo il meglio per la nostra Delorean


    Una MOD veramente indispensabile e di indiscussa qualità per il nostro modello, incredibile come cambia l'aspetto con e senza MOD, come sempre Mike non si smentisce, solo il meglio per la nostra Delorean

  85. ALESSANDRO_SPILLER (verified owner)

    Un set di adesivi veramente incredibile per qualità, consigliatissimi anche il set 1 e 2, come sempre Mike non si smentisce, solo il meglio per la nostra Delorean


    Un set di adesivi veramente incredibile per qualità, consigliatissimi anche il set 1 e 3, come sempre Mike non si smentisce, solo il meglio per la nostra Delorean


    Un set di adesivi veramente incredibile per qualità, come sempre Mike non si smentisce, solo il meglio per la nostra Delorean


    I miei complimenti a Mike per questa MOD veramente incredibile,solo il meglio per la nostra Delorean

  89. Michael Santana (verified owner)

    I'm not far in the issues yet to use these zip ties, but I can tell by these are true quality items. Thank you for helping my dream car come true!

  90. Ricco Streitmatter (verified owner)

    Unbelievable how tiny these ties are, a must for that clean realistic look for the cables. Get some precision tweezers and some reading glasses!

  91. Richard

    I got the collectors edition set, loved ready player one so it was a must have for my delorean. Top quality and being able to change them in seconds sold me, Thanks Mike

  92. Richard

    Easy to fit and hides that awful plastic floor, top marks Mike

  93. Richard

    Another must have mod from Mike, looks miles better than the original and i love the screen

  94. Richard

    Another Fantastic set of Decals from Mike, awesome detail!

  95. Richard

    A must have for your Delorean! bring your model to life with these decals, fantastic Thanks Mike

  96. Helen Comito (verified owner)

    Mike, without you doing these decals, our models wouldnt look complete. Thank you so much for the fast shipping and excellent quality of the decals!! Really admire all the hard work you put into creating the fine deatils on the decals. Once again, you have out done yourself!! Thank you so much!!

  97. jf151271 (verified owner)

    Another great set of decals that make the DeLorean more movie accurate, great work Mike

  98. Vince Steele

    Trust Eaglemoss to go and issue the dash with a big printing error and then try and fix it later on with a sticker to put over the front of the thing. The fix works, but it also blocks the amount of light that can shine through from the LED behind the dash board. So trust Mike Lane to come up with not only a fix that ensures the DMC logo is right way up, but also that improves the graphics quality and adds a couple of extra elements to the display. Plus you get a bonus perspex dash cover, which Eaglemoss completely forgot to include into the build. I chose the 0mph edition because my car is stationary, but the 88mph version is just as awesome, and it's nice to have a choice of which one to order.

  99. Vince Steele

    I wanted a carpet for my DeLorean but I didn't want to have to bother drawing up a template and cutting the thing to the right shape. Enter Mike Lane with his ready cut, sticky backed carpet. This was one of the first mods I ordered for my DeLorean and it really does add that little bit of extra realism to EM's basic model. Easy enough to apply and there's buckley's chance it will ever unstick itself. That's some impressive glue you've got on these Mike. I can't imagine my DeLorean without it now. Thanks Mike. You've raised the bar on quality yet again.

  100. Vince Steele

    These ARE the decals you've been looking for!!! How much more authentic does the build look with the edition of the engine and windows stickers? Blown away by your attention to 1:8 scale detail once again Mike.
    Folks, if you purchase only 1 decal set in your lifetime, make it this set. You will believe a DeLorean can fly.... well.... you'll believe a 1:8 scale Eaglemoss DeLorean can look incredibly more accurate than an unmodded version. Well worth every penny.

  101. Vince Steele

    Finally, an easy way to cover up those ugly screw holes, plus the added quality of the other decals to boost the visual quality of the DeLorean. Where EM lets us all down, Mike picks us all back up again. Top stuff Mike. Many thanks. 🙂

  102. Vince Steele

    I got this one mainly for the sticker that covers up those ugly 1-6 numbers on the button console. Everything else that came with this set is just an added bonus. Thanks Mike. You're saving this build for quite a lot of people around the world who would have otherwise given up on the lack of quality from EM's model dept.

  103. Vince Steele

    This was a mod that I didn't think I'd want until I saw those gorgeous little 1:8 scale tools in their own little 1:8 scale pre-shaped holders. You've outdone yourself once again Mike. Absolutely loving the way this looks when the bonnet gets opened on my DeLorean model. Everyone who's seen it so far has been very impressed with the craftsmanship of this one and the amount of detail in every tool, some of which have moving parts. Well worth the dosh, and it adds that little extra bit of awesomeness to the build. Highly recommended.

  104. Simone

    I dettagli e la perfezione di questi mini- utensili è impressionante. Tutti gli attrezzi da lavoro sono in metallo, e oltretutto le pinze si possono aprire e chiudere!
    Mike è una persona molto disponibile e gentile, gli imballaggi sono a prova di bomba, e le spedizioni in Italia sono state molte rapide.
    Dettagli, affidabilità e perfezione sono sicuramente le parole più adatte per descrivere il suo lavoro. Grazie ancora mike!

  105. prob508 (verified owner)

    I stopped my build till I got these and they just arrived today. Excellent quality and everything arrived not only in perfect condition but I was very happy with how fast they were shipped to me here in the United States. Great Job Mike Lane!!!!!! Thankyou

  106. Jerry Ent Sterenborg (verified owner)

    Hoge kwaliteit! Is het onmisbaar? Voor de film liefhebber wel, voor de auto liefhebber wat minder. Ik behoor tot de tweede groep, maar ben reuze blij dat ik deze platen heb gekocht. Het is een verfraaiing van je Delorean.

  107. Jerry Ent Sterenborg (verified owner)

    Wat is een Delorean met een kale bodem? Deze set maakt het interieur van je Delorean gewoon af.
    Bij twijfel; Kopen! Het verhoogt je bouwvreugde.

  108. Jerry Ent Sterenborg (verified owner)

    Ook weer een verfraaiing van enorm hoge kwaliteit! Een echte aanwinst voor je Delorean.
    Ik snap niet hoe Mike dit zo gedetailleerd voor elkaar weet te krijgen. Mocht je twijfelen over de aanschaf; gewoon doen!

  109. Jerry Ent Sterenborg (verified owner)

    Zo mooi! Een echte aanwinst voor je Delorean.
    Ik snap niet hoe Mike dit zo gedetailleerd voor elkaar weet te krijgen. Mocht je twijfelen over de aanschaf; gewoon doen!

  110. Jerry Ent Sterenborg (verified owner)

    Ook weer zo mooi! een echte aanwinst voor je Delorean.
    Ik snap niet hoe Mike dit zo gedetailleerd voor elkaar weet te krijgen. Mocht je twijfelen over de aanschaf; gewoon doen!

  111. DJ_BTTF (verified owner)

    These cable ties are great - as great as all mods from Mike Lane! I enjoy the details again and again. These tiny cable ties actually work like their big role models.

  112. Jose Rene Guitian II

    Mike you are Amazing my friend. What a fantastic job.

  113. Jose Rene Guitian II

    I can’t wait to get my first mods

  114. Florian Kerschbaumer

    I've ordered the carpet a half year ago, plus decal set 1&2 and the dashboard mod, the bonnet&luggage set.

    All things from Mike are awesome!
    Fits perfectly and make a lot of fun!

    Thanks Mike!

  115. mark khameeree

    the carpet mod was 100 times better easy to install and makes your build look more real

  116. mark khameeree

    makes the DELOREAN build a 100 times better worth every penny

  117. mark khameeree

    top quality as always would recomend to buy worth every penny super fast delivery

  118. mark khameeree

    was so glad I got this was 100 times better than the em one

  119. mark khameeree

    worth every penny top quality

  120. mark khameeree

    the carpet mod I saw a lot of builders buying the carpet mod I thought might not be that good then desided to buy was was shocked the quality was brilliant easy to fix so glad I purchase the carpet

  121. mark khameeree

    best quality you can buy super fast delivery easy to fix also Mike always gets back to you if you have any problems

  122. jameser88 (verified owner)

    I love these decals. They add details that are missing in the supplied model. Again, it's all about adding subtle details to boost the realism of the DeLorean model.

  123. jameser88 (verified owner)

    Great quality item that adds another level of realism to the model. The originally supplied cableties are the wrong colour and far too big which ruins the DeLorean cabin. Like all of Mike's mods these are essential for your build.

  124. jameser88

    Another must-have mod for your model. The carpet really improves the realism cabin of the DeLorean no end. A lot of thought went into the design of this mod as all the pieces are precision cut and perfectly measured to ensure a great fit. The glue is super-strong, so there is no danger of any corners lifting over time.

  125. jameser88

    This mod is essential for your model. The original, with the infamous typo, looks amateurish compared Mike's. For the size it is, the detail and clarity is amazing. It is easy to see the care and attention that went in to this.

  126. International_playas (verified owner)

    This guy has incredible mods, he puts so much love and detail in his products and these cable ties are a must have for your Delorean.


    I have bought almost all Mikes mods but the carpet is the best. I think this mod is essential for your Delorean.

  128. comito

    You're stickers add at great addition to the model and make the build seem authentic!! I really appreciate your enthusiasm and hard work with the stickers you produce! Stickers are of high quality and provide that completed touch to the model every time I order the decals! Thank you so much for your time you put into making all of our models looking fantastic and as authentic as possible!

  129. phart44

    If your not getting Mike’s Mods then you really don’t want your models to look their best! I too have enhanced my model with what can only be described as the very best, incredibly detailed and exreamly accurate mods.
    Hats off to you Mike!
    Paul Hart
    Australia 🇦🇺

  130. Kenny Dockery

    Mike, your mods are amazing. They bring a great deal of detail to this build. Keep up the good work.

  131. Don

    Amazing mod I can’t wait to put it in my car when I get to that part and definitely can’t wait to order your other mods. I got the set off your eBay store and then a few days later after buying I found your website lol.

  132. Oliver Daniel

    Just one of many additions to the fabulous Delorean.
    Keep up the great work and excellent quality, Mike!!
    Thanks a lot to making this a special model!! !Five Stars!

  133. James

    Habe mir das ZIDZ Kennzeichen aus Teil 2 gekauft und bin total begeister wie einfach es ist die Kennzeichen zu tauschen...
    Top Arbeit... nur zu empfehlen

  134. James

    Perfekter zuschnitt, so sieht der Wagen hochwertiger aus und nicht mehr wie Spielzeug

  135. James

    Tolle Arbeit und saubere Druck... alles super zu lesen

  136. James

    super Arbeit und nur zu empfehlen...

  137. James

    Tolle Arbeit sehr gute prints... kann ich nur empfehlen

  138. jeanmag69

    J'ai acheté les set 1et 2 de Mikes et chacun d'entre eux sont de trés bonne qualité et bien emballé. Ce qui ajoute un plus à la voiture.

  139. rocky_overes

    Still need to order this one in the future.
    This is just crazy detailed to add to your delorean model.

  140. rocky_overes (verified owner)

    I just ordered these, it's an absolute must have for your delorean model.

  141. rocky_overes (verified owner)

    I just ordered these, they look freaking amazing.
    The detail is unbelievable.

  142. Guillaume (verified owner)

    A wonderful set completing the whole car ! Such details are really great and bring your model far closer to the A Car.
    A must have !

  143. Laurent M

    This bonnet carpet and tools are really good as all other mike mods!
    You need to have it to pimp your can. Thanks mike to have made it also!

  144. Laurent M (verified owner)

    I follow mike since the beginning and this one is the hardest one made by mike! We suffer trying to put hiroboy cable tyre on the car, from that mike decide to take time to make this mod even better and easier to fit! Thanks mike to improve all the time the car.
    I can tell the mod and the even more the guy is, wait for it , awesome !

  145. Laurent M

    I can only put 5 stars to this mod! I remember discussing with mike last year when I saw that EM put the logo on the wrong side... guest what mike told me he will fix it. And boom some days after this dashboard come to life! Glad to had ping mike to get this huge great mod! 88 miles one is the one I get 🙂

  146. Laurent M

    This carpet is another awesome must have. The car is really better with this carpet. I suggest to get them both to be 100% accurate !
    This is on my car since months and it is still really great! Thanks mike again for the quality and your time to make this append!

  147. Laurent M

    This decals set is also a great one. You need it to pimp the car !
    Thanks mike

  148. Laurent Mas

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    Thanks mike to have made such great mod!

  149. Laurent M

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  150. Laurent M (verified owner)

    This decals set is a must have, one of the best 🙂
    I bought every mike lane mods, and all of them are really awesome. Quality, easy to use, easy to install, and 1000% upgraded model with magic mike. Thanks a lot and glad to see new mod.

  151. Bill Green

    Absolute must for every delorean build. Very detailed and excellent craftsmanship. Corrects the DWC error and adds a realistic front screen to the instrument cluster.
    Order one now, you cant do without it!

  152. Bill Green (verified owner)

    What can I say, just outstanding work. Really makes the difference to the delorean. Worth every penny, great quality and outstanding service.
    Thanks Mike!

  153. Stewart Forbes (verified owner)

    These mods are to die for outstanding service and workmanship, with eye for the smallest details



  155. Michael Lipscomb (verified owner)

    I keep coming back every time something new is released. The quality and response time is superb. The quality is MUCH higher than what you received from the model manufacturer. Great work Mike!

  156. rockwellcm

    This was on of the first mods I bought for my Delorean and the first thing that sprang out was the fantastic packaging ,the decals went on the car perfectly and enhance the appearance over the stock decals

    Donald S

  157. Keith Ovadenko

    The quality of these plates is better than anything EM will ever produce! Mike Lane should have just been commissioned to design and build the BTTF Delorean kit! Based on this kit I will be ordering everything Mike Lane has made and will make!

  158. fionalou002 (verified owner)

    This replacement instrument panel is Excellent. Having the glass panel as well, really improves the dash. Thanks Mike. Keep up the good work. Fiona. T

  159. fionalou002 (verified owner)

    This carpet set is absolutely Brilliant. I'm so glad that I bought the whole set. Thanks very much for an excellent mod Mike. Fiona. T

  160. Chris

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  161. nick_prijs_82 (verified owner)

    Probably the most important mod (at least to start with)!
    As real as real can get

  162. kikkertjay (verified owner)

    Just received my carpets today (within one week to the Netherlands).
    Haven't got the chance yet to fit it, because we're Just getting started with the build here in the Netherlands, but (with the help of YouTube) it will defently will fit like a globe. Thanks Mike 👍

  163. francistrenado

    Mike’s mods are truly a work of art. His mods have made my Delorean come to life, the realism is fantastic. Recommend this mod!

  164. p.greijdanus (verified owner)

    Mike puts detail in to your model. Every little peace adds something more to it. You can see that its a labor of love for mike. I am very much enjoying Mikes work form Holland and will recommend his work to fellow builders!

  165. Nicky Moeys (verified owner)

    I have just started building DeLorean in the
    Netherlands. but have already bought the decal mods, carpet and trunk mod. This way I can easily place everything nicely during building and thus taking the DeLorean to a different level in detail. let us say from OUT A TIME .
    great work Mike

  166. Kristine Wenrich

    This panel mod is not only cool but a must as the original one that comes with the kit has a logo misprint. This mod not only corrects that, it also has light blocking and includes a clear 'glass' pane that makes the dash look just like the real car. Thank you Mike for all your efforts and attention to detail.

  167. michaelbperkins

    If EM was going to make it possible to add Mr. Fusion and tilt the wheels into hover mode, the license plate should've been able to change too. Thankfully, Mike's license plate mod gives your model a personalized touch!

  168. Kristine Wenrich

    We have the original issue of the future plate from Mike. Wish we would have waited for the newer version(s) seen here. Our version is still swap-able to the future license plate and that is priceless.

  169. michaelbperkins

    The dashboard mod is an essential one; either version is going to elevate the quality of your model.

  170. michaelbperkins

    No DeLorean model is complete without this carpeting! Easy to apply and the improvements are exponential.

  171. michaelbperkins (verified owner)

    These added decals to the engine, windows, and bonnet make the final model look more polished than stainless steel!

  172. Kristine Wenrich

    Decal set 2 makes me think, do I really need that? Then it arrived. YES, I really needed it. It adds detail that is missing on the original kit, hides screw holes, and more. Once again, Mike's mods takes the average model to a new level. Don't hesitate... get them now!

  173. michaelbperkins

    Firstly, the seat and door covers are amazing and you'll forget all about those pesky screw holes. The detailed decals on the doors are a nice touch, too!

  174. michaelbperkins

    This set fixes the glaring inaccuracies on the time circuit controls and really brings the interior to life.

  175. Kristine Wenrich

    Decal set 1 takes the Delorean time circuits and more to a new level of accuracy. Not only do they look awesome but they correct what is wrong with the original kit or adds to what is missing. So glad these are available.

  176. Kristine Wenrich

    The carpet mod is perfect for the model. It is cut to fit all the contours of the floor. Once it is installed it makes the model look so realistic. This is a must upgrade for the Delorean.

  177. Peter Schuster

    You perfectly corrected what Eaglemoss screwed up. Corrected DMC logo, more details and even a glass cover. Now it feels and looks as it should. Thank you big time 😉 🙂

  178. Enrico Del Prete (verified owner)

    Beside all the incredible mods Mike does with dedication and passion...i think Mike is the real deal: honest, friendly and talkative and understanding. Qualities that for sure are very hard to find they are all together within him! So the comment is big thank you for being YOU

  179. Peter Schuster (verified owner)

    Episode 3 of the quest for more little add ons. Even if most will be unseen at the end, but you really got some eagleeye for the enginebay, trunk, etc... labels. Awesome, Mile, awesome 🙂 🙂 🙂

  180. James Bassham

    I bought this initially because I disliked the "reflective" month and year stickers EM had on the license plate (being from California I knew they were wrong). Once I received the set I was blown away by the quality and detail in all the other decals and now I want all of Mike Lane's mods. The attention to detail and quality of the work is exceptional. They really make the model.

  181. Peter Schuster

    Even more details that Eaglemoss missed. Thank you, Mike 🙂 🙂

  182. Peter Schuster

    Its the little detail that give the model that extra touch. Awesome work, Mike 🙂 🙂

  183. John Hunter

    This mod has the quality required to Dash upto 88mph so get on board for a realistic looking speedo.

  184. Peter Schuster

    Great set, easy to install and perfect fit. The model doesn't feel complete without this mod. Great work, Mike 🙂

  185. Peter Schuster

    Awesome addition to an already awesome model. If Doc would have had that addition he easily could have returned fron 1885 himself 😉 🙂 🙂

  186. Paul Allen

    Having purchased every single one of Mike Lane's Delorean Mods, I can honestly say that the man is a genius, and his mods shine accordingly...!
    I really like this mod and the nice finish it gives the Delorean. I think the tools are fantastic...!!!

  187. Paul Allen

    Having purchased every single one of Mike Lane's Delorean Mods, I can honestly say that the man is a genius, and his mods shine accordingly...!
    I love this mod as the detail is fantastic. It also gives me an excuse and reason to 'play' with my Delorean long after its finished...! :0)

  188. Paul Allen

    Having purchased every single one of Mike Lane's Delorean Mods, I can honestly say that the man is a genius, and his mods shine accordingly...!
    I think this was the first proper mod I bought (originally purchased the paper templates but thought better of it) and I was blown away with the detail.

  189. Paul Allen

    Having purchased every single one of Mike Lane's Delorean Mods, I can honestly say that the man is a genius, and his mods shine accordingly...!
    I love this mod, it finishes off the dashboard nicely...! I particularly love the extra tools and instructions Mike includes; he must have spent hours thinking about the end result. And as for the packaging and envelope labels; I defy anyone to do better...

  190. Steve Brown (verified owner)

    Thank you for making the decal set 3 available Mike. Just finished putting these on my car and I’m over the moon. They add that extra accurate detail that lifts the car to another level.

  191. Rick

    The standard just gets higher and higher. These are brilliant and very easy to apply. The instructions/photos are also very high quality. Keep up the fantastic work, Mike.

  192. Paul Allen

    Having purchased every single one of Mike Lane's Delorean Mods, I can honestly say that the man is a genius, and his mods shine accordingly...!
    Love the labels and the add on panels as they help make the finished model look more authentic.

  193. Paul Allen

    Having purchased every single one of Mike Lane's Delorean Mods, I can honestly say that the man is a genius, and his mods shine accordingly...!
    Love the labels (some so tiny) & the dots clean it up nicely.

  194. Paul Allen (verified owner)

    Having purchased every single one of Mike Lane's Delorean Mods, I can honestly say that the man is a genius, and his mods shine accordingly...!
    The labels add a perfect touch to the end result. The light backgrounds also finish it nicely.

  195. Paul Allen (verified owner)

    Having purchased every single one of Mike Lane's Mods, I can honestly say that the man is a genius, and his mods shine accordingly...!
    I love the attention to detail of the cable ties.

  196. ptardy1 (verified owner)

    This is my 3rd purchase of mods from Mike Lane. I cannot believe just how much detail he puts into each mod. And they bring so much of an extra pop with the details they provide. I especially love the carpet mod and the decals that add more authenticity to the delorean. Job well done Mike.

  197. Andrew Killgallon

    These pieces are cut to perfection and when completed looks exactly how you'd hope it would! Highly recommended A+++

  198. Andrew Killgallon

    Mike is great at what he does! These decals might be the tiniest details but Mike makes it very easy to apply to your car. As a major fan of BTTF, its all in the details and these decals are a must!

  199. Chris Masterson

    It gives the model a complete feel. Makes the interior feel more like a real car. Another great product from a great creator!

  200. Chris Masterson

    Love the set! It gives the model a complete feel. I wish Eaglemoss was as smart and creative as Mike Lane is. Makes the interior feel more like a real car. Keep up the great work!!

  201. Michael Kafke

    What I like about the licence plates? That they even come with a mod for the original EM plates! So you have the choice to use one of these new plates or quickly change it with the old one.
    THAT's love to details!

  202. Chris Masterson

    Love the set! It gives the model a complete feel. I wish Eaglemoss was as smart and creative as Mike Lane is. Keep up the great work!!

  203. leyendekkers (verified owner)

    Another perfect set of Mike.
    Super quality and easy to use on the Delorean.
    See ya soon Mike

  204. leyendekkers (verified owner)

    This quality is superb !
    Too bad, i can't use it straight away.
    Keep it up Mike

  205. Sven Lutz (verified owner)

    They are incredible, the scale is awesome. These mini cable ties are so freaking tiny, and they looking so awesome in the cockpit !

  206. Sven Lutz

    Easy to install, and a fantastic quality. The idea with the magnet is simple and clever. Now it is super easy to change the license plates.

  207. Sven Lutz

    Great quality, the fit perfect.

  208. jespertichelaar (verified owner)

    It amazes me each time I find something I ordered from Mike in the mail. Not only the decals look amazing but I also love the packaging. So much attention to detail. And that is all what counts with these mods.

  209. Sven Lutz

    The DeLorean is not complete without this set. Great craftsmanship.

  210. Sven Lutz

    Only one word: Perfection !

  211. Sven Lutz

    The Eaglemoss version was ok, this one will make your DeLorean to a masterpiece.

  212. jespertichelaar (verified owner)

    This decal set looks great! Recently bought to enhance my DeLorean. Will definitely buy some other mods from you Mike.

  213. timmcleod6243

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  214. timmcleod6243 (verified owner)

    Nice addition to the detail of the build. Going to order some of the black ones soon.

  215. Sven Lutz (verified owner)

    Awesome decals, they pushing the detail on the DeLorean to a whole new level. Mike have given us these little details that making the DeLorean perfect !

  216. timmcleod6243 (verified owner)

    Great product can’t wait to get it installed in the car. Looks like it will fit like a glove.

  217. William Chun

    Great carpet kit takes the worries of not having accurate carpets

  218. gwtmillar (verified owner)

    Another very cool product from Mike and I have recently also ordered a set of black cable ties too

  219. gwtmillar

    The carpet set is honestly a must great quality product and adds a great deal of realism to the model

  220. gwtmillar (verified owner)

    Excellent work as always Mike great detail

  221. gwtmillar

    I have bought every one of Mikes mods and every one of them are excellent quality and well packaged. They add a great amount of detail to the car. Never ceases to amaze me

  222. gwtmillar

    I have bought every one of Mikes mods and every one of them are excellent quality and well packaged. They add a great amount of detail to the car

  223. gwtmillar

    I have bought every one of Mikes mods and every one of them are excellent quality and well packaged. They add a great amount of detail to the car

  224. Markus Kröpfl (verified owner)

    Awesome Set
    ...very accurate Prints
    ...the DeLorean looks 100% better

  225. Kevin bohler

    Awesome work its looks like they were real

  226. Heiko Blinzig

    the carpet is great... very soft, fluffy ... it fits everything perfectly. I'm excited. I love it. Thanks Mike

  227. darrenlsnyder (verified owner)

    Incredible detail and ease of installation creates a wonderful customization feature to the BTTF Delorean! I highly recommend!

  228. Michael Perkins

    Who knew that the bonnet of all things could be improved? Mike did it and it's incredible. The carpet, the tools, it all comes together to put that finishing touch on the model!

  229. timo139

    Die Mod kaufe ich mir noch ,kann es kaum abwarten Mikes mod für den Kofferaum dann einzubauen und da ich eh am 24märz geburstag hab werde ich mir die an den Tag bestellen

  230. timo139

    Decal set 1 ist der unglaublich vorher ohne das decal set sah mein auto nicht so aus wie im film und jetzt mit dem set ist mein Delorean richtig detailiert wie im film super mod kann ich nur empfehlen😊

  231. Sebastian

    This dash does make a difference since is lightyears superior even compared to the corrected Eaglemoss part. You just cannot build the DeLorean without this great piece of detail, you simply can't.

  232. timo139

    Bin mega zufrieden 😊es ist leicht zum einbauen und sieht mega echt aus wie im echten Auto kann die Mod nur weiterempfehlen😊

  233. timo139

    This carpet set is Awesome and easy to install the car the car look very realistic with this awesome mod im happy with that 😊thank you Mike i love it very good quality

  234. Scottie Campbell (verified owner)

    Awesome product use them on other model projects also...high quality as with all the Mike Lane products

  235. Josh Turchetta (verified owner)

    Once again Mike’s outstanding attention to detail is a big win for us all. This set gives your DeLorean model that little bit of extra “wow.” As always, the quality, craftsmanship and presentstion are outstanding. This, along with all of the decals and mods are musts for anyone building their Eaglemoss delorean.