Why we choose Tamiya products

The fine details matter when constructing a model. So it’s satisfying to find products that work beautifully when working on a small scale. Tamiya’s range meets this description perfectly. We’ve found their products deliver consistently great finishes. Their paints, in particular, are always rich and vibrant. What’s more, they adhere smoothly and predictably to most materials with little effort – bringing reliable results whether you’re a beginner or an experienced modelling enthusiast.

Tamiya first appeared in Japan in 1946. The company began life as a sawmill and timber business. They capitalised on this ready access to timber by branching out (pun intended) into making wooden model kits, replicating famous ships and tanks. They progressed to plastic model kits, all the while building a reputation for impressive accuracy in their work. This commitment to quality continued as Tamiya began to produce specialist paints and other products for modellers.

Today, Tamiya are one of the world’s leading brands for modelling supplies, and they continue to release some great scale model kits. For paints, primers and craft painting supplies, we choose their products every time. Their fantastic variety of paints, with the versatility to perform perfectly on metals, plastics and just about anything else, can greatly enhance your model making project – just as they do for the models and mods in our own workshop.

Something else you’d like?

If there’s another product you’d like to see, or something else that you think other model-makers would find useful, feel free to get in touch and I’d be happy to consider stocking it in future!