Why we choose Wera tools

A tool’s just a tool, right? Not quite. If you’re a seasoned partwork model enthusiast, you’ll know just how fiddly it can be to assemble all those tiny parts. And how much time you can spend putting those essential tools into action. That’s why choosing tools you can rely on, and which are easy to use, really matters. And it’s why the tools made by Wera can be a modeller’s best friend.

Wera were created in Germany in 1936, and have since become one of the industry’s most respected tool manufacturers, winning multiple awards and leading the way with their innovative products and sharp German engineering standards. The passion and the attention to detail are evident in everything Wera create – and these are qualities you know we strive for in all we do at Mike Lane. With products such as PH0 size screwdrivers, Wera’s range make the ideal modelling tools, perfectly compatible with the needs of your partwork project.

What makes Wera’s tools stand out? In part, it’s their pioneering Kraftform innovation, ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip, with a carefully considered combination of soft sections and hard, smooth parts (and giving them a cool, distinctive form). It’s the extraordinary quality too. These are strong, precision-manufactured tools that are built to last. So much so that Wera offer a limited lifetime guarantee. So, not only are these modelling tools a pleasure to use – what’s more, you’ll probably never need to replace them.

Something else you’d like?

If there’s another tool you’d like to see, or something else that you think other model-makers would find useful, feel free to get in touch and I’d be happy to consider stocking it in future!