Ecto-1 Hood Vents

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Made-to-order (Typically 3-4 weeks)

  Designed for Issue 1 of the Build the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 by Eaglemoss

These replacement pre-painted hood vents for the 1:8 Ghostbusters Ecto-1 are screen-accurate highly detailed scale replicas of the originals, redesigned to add missing detail whilst also removing the unsightly screw heads visible on the original Eaglemoss parts.

Each vent is hand-crafted and finished to a high level of detail. You’ll even notice that the rivet locations are different on each vent, and that you can see the space beneath each grill just like with real vents! Hours of work go into each vent, from preparation through to painting. The vents in this Ecto-1 mod are also self-adhesive, making them quick and easy to install.

Features include:

  • No screws – No more ugly screws and no risk of snapped screw heads when fitting (a common problem with the Eaglemoss screws)
  • Pre-painted – Ready to install immediately, the vents are pre-painted, colour matched to the bonnet with a high quality finish
  • Self-adhesive – Each vent has a high quality permanent 3M self-adhesive backing to last the test of time
  • Added rivets – Unique to each vent and matching the exact positions on the real car
  • Correct number of louvres/grills – There should be 18 louvres/grills on each vent rather than the 17 on the Eaglemoss parts
  • Hollowed out louvres/grills – Each louvre/grill is hollowed out and painted to look as realistic as possible, compared to the standard Eaglemoss parts which are solid/filled in
  • Added halfway split line – The hood vents on the original Ecto-1 car were actually made up of four smaller vents rather than two long ones – the added split line is designed to help give this impression
  • Lower profile – Thinner than the standard Eaglemoss part looking closer to the real thing

What’s included:

  • 2 x Pre-painted self-adhesive hood vents (Left and Right)
  • 1 x Illustrated set of instructions
All other model parts and accessories shown in the photos outside of the ‘What’s included’ list above are not included and are shown purely for demonstration and application purposes.

4 reviews for Ecto-1 Hood Vents

  1. Leonard Pieton

    This mod really took the hood to another level! There’s small areas where the illusion that they shrunk the actual ecto-1 is broken. And this fixes one of the most obvious signs. Just amazing, can’t recommend it more!

  2. Colin barker (verified owner)

    When I received these hood vents the first thing that struck me was how well packaged they were. Upon opening them I was so impressed with the detail Of the vents and the ease of fitting the mods.
    Would definitely recommend these as they really are an improvement on the original supplied vents

  3. Paul woodworth (verified owner)

    The difference is night and day! I’m so glad to have those god awful screws off the hood. I’ll be waiting for the next mod!

  4. Rich Sermitis

    Mine just arrived. Great detail. As the vents are front and center this mod is a mandatory. Eagle moss really missed on this one. The EM version with those god-awful screws......EM could have done these on theirs for no increase in cost, my guess. Come on Eaglemoss, make the change now!

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