VW T1 Samba Camper Licence Plate Sticker Sets

£6.00 ex VAT

  Designed for Pack 1 of the Build the VW T1 Samba Camper by DeAgostini

Alternative plate sets designed to replace the standard, slightly underwhelming, white licence plate stickers supplied with the 1:8 VW T1 Samba Camper.

Two editions available: ‘Vintage Edition’ in authentic silver and black, and ‘Hippie Van Edition’.

Easy-to-apply, pre-cut and printed on high-quality metallic vinyl.

The Vintage Edition plates have been faithfully recreated to match the correct vintage plate design for 1962. Including screw head detailing, correct fonts and a selection of meaningful registrations.

The Hippie Van Edition has been created for a bit of fun. Inspired by the VW Transporter’s renowned popularity among the hippie counterculture of the 1960s. Perfect if you intend to make other ‘Hippie Van’ based mods to your vehicle. And even if you don’t, these plates are sure to add some style and personality to your model.

What’s included:

  • 1 x Vinyl sticker set of your choice (Vintage or Hippie Edition)

These stickers are not designed to be interchangeable, but a variety of options are provided so that you can chose whichever you feel best suits your model.

Registration meanings:

VW T1 1962
Matching the existing plates supplied with the model, but with improved design and corrected font.

VWT 162A
The first licence plates issued in 1962 had an extra letter suffix following the three numbers, allowing you to tell a vehicle’s age by its plate. An ‘A’ suffix meant 1962, ‘B’ 1963 and ‘C’ 1964, etc. From 1983 to 2001, a similar scheme was introduced, but with the letters and numbers reversed. This plate follows this scheme, with ‘VWT 1′ referencing the camper make and model, ’62’ referencing 1962, followed by the correct 1962 ‘A’ suffix.

DUB 962A
Another plate following the correct 1962 scheme, but this time featuring ‘DUB’, short for ‘vee-dub’, a popular phonetic abbreviation for VW. ‘962’ references 1962, followed by the correct 1962 ‘A’ suffix.

BUS 962A
The VW Transporter is commonly referred to as the VW Bus in many countries, including Germany (VW-Bus) and America (VW Bus), and was even named the Volksie Bus in South Africa. ‘962A’ follows the same scheme as the plates above.

A commonly used phonetic abbreviation for VW. This plate strips away the technicalities and helps bring some personality to your model.

Bulli (or Bully) was meant to be the official name for the VW Transporter but was later rejected. The Bulli name still caught on and is commonly used by Transporter fans worldwide to this day.

All other model parts and accessories shown in the photos outside of the ‘What’s included’ list above are not included and are shown purely for demonstration and application purposes only.


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