Decal Set III

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Made-to-order (Typically 3-4 weeks)

  Designed for Issues 1, 21, 27, 46, 62, 65, 68, 72, 83, 84, 86, 89, 91 and 93 of the Build the DeLorean Time Machine by Eaglemoss. View build planner

Professionally printed, high resolution stickers on high-quality self-adhesive vinyl. These mods are laser-cut and easy to apply – simply peel and stick.

Painstakingly reproduced from full 1:1 scale originals for maximum accuracy. Precisely measured and down-scaled for the 1:8 Eaglemoss DeLorean model.

What’s included:

  • Grill inserts for the rear section beneath the bumper – Supplied on solid black vinyl, giving the appearance of drilled out holes without damaging your DeLorean model (includes 2 spare)
  • Headlamp bezel blanking plates – Inserts for behind the front lights, making the backing black as it should be. These require no sticking, just position them behind the lights and the lens frames will hold them in place (includes alignment hole and screw head detailing)
  • Window stickers for front windscreen and side windows, in white and black – Adds DMC kite mark detailing and printed in reverse for sticking on the inside of the windows (includes 1 spare black and 2 spare white)
  • Engine stickers – Painstakingly recreated from full-size originals and scaled down to 1:8 for maximum accuracy (supplied on both white and metallic silver vinyl like the originals)
  • CATALYST sticker – For the driver side door
  • Luggage compartment stickers – All the stickers found in the real DeLorean’s luggage compartment
  • Mesh side stickers for the plutonium gauges – Supplied in metallic silver vinyl to give the appearance of real mesh
  • Air Filter Cover sticker – To stick over the top of the existing one, correcting the scale and design of the DMC logo
  • Green tubes sticker – Supplied on matt clear vinyl to match the finish of the green tubes (includes 1 spare)
  • Pull Switch sticker – Adds ‘PULL EMERGENCY LIGHT’ text and drill holes detailing, accurate to the DeLorean ‘A’ car (includes 1 spare)
All other model parts and accessories shown in the photos outside of the ‘What’s included’ list above are not included and are shown purely for demonstration and application purposes.

27 reviews for Decal Set III

  1. tenumaster (verified owner)

    This decals puts another level of detail on the car and its amazing! I just love everything that includes

  2. Hayes James (verified owner)

    Wie bisher auch wieder hier, top Qualität und super Arbeit.. Werden nicht die letzten Sachen sein die ich bei Mike gekauft habe

  3. Kevin Bryan (verified owner)

    Excellent decals. The level of detail is outstanding and amazingly accurate to the original car. Just makes the car so much better.

  4. maartenvermaak (verified owner)

    Very detailed quality item. Mike Lane does live up to his promisses!

  5. Brian MacNutt (verified owner)

    This third set rocks! They are on equal par with the first two sets and I'm very happy to have these decals. Thank you, Mike! I will shop with you again!

  6. James Roberts (verified owner)

    Mike does it again! Decal set 3 is a different level of detail. These decals bring the car to life and add an authenticity that cannot be replicated. A must have if you want a realistic model, you will not be disappointed.

  7. ALESSANDRO_SPILLER (verified owner)

    Un set di adesivi veramente incredibile per qualità, consigliatissimi anche il set 1 e 2, come sempre Mike non si smentisce, solo il meglio per la nostra Delorean

  8. Helen Comito (verified owner)

    Mike, without you doing these decals, our models wouldnt look complete. Thank you so much for the fast shipping and excellent quality of the decals!! Really admire all the hard work you put into creating the fine deatils on the decals. Once again, you have out done yourself!! Thank you so much!!

  9. jf151271 (verified owner)

    Another great set of decals that make the DeLorean more movie accurate, great work Mike

  10. Vince Steele

    These ARE the decals you've been looking for!!! How much more authentic does the build look with the edition of the engine and windows stickers? Blown away by your attention to 1:8 scale detail once again Mike.
    Folks, if you purchase only 1 decal set in your lifetime, make it this set. You will believe a DeLorean can fly.... well.... you'll believe a 1:8 scale Eaglemoss DeLorean can look incredibly more accurate than an unmodded version. Well worth every penny.

  11. prob508 (verified owner)

    I stopped my build till I got these and they just arrived today. Excellent quality and everything arrived not only in perfect condition but I was very happy with how fast they were shipped to me here in the United States. Great Job Mike Lane!!!!!! Thankyou

  12. Jerry Ent Sterenborg (verified owner)

    Ook weer zo mooi! een echte aanwinst voor je Delorean.
    Ik snap niet hoe Mike dit zo gedetailleerd voor elkaar weet te krijgen. Mocht je twijfelen over de aanschaf; gewoon doen!

  13. jameser88 (verified owner)

    I love these decals. They add details that are missing in the supplied model. Again, it's all about adding subtle details to boost the realism of the DeLorean model.

  14. Guillaume (verified owner)

    A wonderful set completing the whole car ! Such details are really great and bring your model far closer to the A Car.
    A must have !

  15. Laurent M (verified owner)

    This decals set is a must have, one of the best :)
    I bought every mike lane mods, and all of them are really awesome. Quality, easy to use, easy to install, and 1000% upgraded model with magic mike. Thanks a lot and glad to see new mod.

  16. Bill Green (verified owner)

    What can I say, just outstanding work. Really makes the difference to the delorean. Worth every penny, great quality and outstanding service.
    Thanks Mike!

  17. Nicky Moeys (verified owner)

    I have just started building DeLorean in the
    Netherlands. but have already bought the decal mods, carpet and trunk mod. This way I can easily place everything nicely during building and thus taking the DeLorean to a different level in detail. let us say from OUT A TIME .
    great work Mike

  18. michaelbperkins (verified owner)

    These added decals to the engine, windows, and bonnet make the final model look more polished than stainless steel!

  19. Peter Schuster (verified owner)

    Episode 3 of the quest for more little add ons. Even if most will be unseen at the end, but you really got some eagleeye for the enginebay, trunk, etc... labels. Awesome, Mile, awesome :) :) :)

  20. Steve Brown (verified owner)

    Thank you for making the decal set 3 available Mike. Just finished putting these on my car and I’m over the moon. They add that extra accurate detail that lifts the car to another level.

  21. Rick

    The standard just gets higher and higher. These are brilliant and very easy to apply. The instructions/photos are also very high quality. Keep up the fantastic work, Mike.

  22. Paul Allen (verified owner)

    Having purchased every single one of Mike Lane's Delorean Mods, I can honestly say that the man is a genius, and his mods shine accordingly...!
    The labels add a perfect touch to the end result. The light backgrounds also finish it nicely.

  23. ptardy1 (verified owner)

    This is my 3rd purchase of mods from Mike Lane. I cannot believe just how much detail he puts into each mod. And they bring so much of an extra pop with the details they provide. I especially love the carpet mod and the decals that add more authenticity to the delorean. Job well done Mike.

  24. jespertichelaar (verified owner)

    This decal set looks great! Recently bought to enhance my DeLorean. Will definitely buy some other mods from you Mike.

  25. Sven Lutz (verified owner)

    Awesome decals, they pushing the detail on the DeLorean to a whole new level. Mike have given us these little details that making the DeLorean perfect !

  26. gwtmillar (verified owner)

    Excellent work as always Mike great detail

  27. Markus Kröpfl (verified owner)

    Awesome Set
    ...very accurate Prints
    ...the DeLorean looks 100% better

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