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Eaglemoss 1:8 James Bond's DB5

Here you’ll find my selection of mods designed to upgrade the 1:8 Aston Martin DB5 by Eaglemoss.

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This stunning part-work model lets you recreate the famous DB5 driven by James Bond in Goldfinger. My precisely designed, hand-crafted mods bring your replica even closer to the real thing, adding a further layer of luxury to 007’s stylish 1960s classic car.

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If there’s something else that you’d like for this model, feel free to get in touch and I’d be happy to discuss and help make it happen!

Build planner – Where you’ll need my mods

The original James Bond DB5

There’s nothing in the history of cinema quite like James Bond. This hugely successful film franchise which charts the exploits of 007, the world’s most famous fictional spy, has it all. There’s danger, diabolical villains and glamorous girls. And, of course, cars – the character of Bond, an icon of suave sophistication, has been fittingly fixed up with some of the most stylish sets of wheels to grace the silver screen. And perhaps the best loved of all 007’s cars is the timeless Aston Martin DB5.

The DB5 first appeared in Goldfinger (1964) – for many, the most quintessential Bond car in the defining Bond film. The car is far more than a means of transport for the British secret agent. Kitted out with high-tech modifications, the DB5 is an essential tool in Bond’s mission. It’s packed with extraordinary gadgets to assist 007, including tracking devices, a smoke screen, an ejector seat, concealed gun barrels and revolving number plates.

I’ve always enjoyed watching James Bond films – from the classic back catalogue to the recent Daniel Craig blockbusters. The unique mix of cool action sequences and humour, including those cheeky double entendres, make these movies must-sees. But with fond childhood memories of playing with my model ‘Wet Nellie’ Lotus submarine (which I still have, although the missiles are long-lost down the backs of sofas and behind cupboards!), it’s always been the clever gadgetry that has most captured my attention. So I relish the chance to build the DB5 and to bring a little mod magic to this model.

The Eaglemoss Build the Goldfinger Aston Martin DB5

James Bond's DB5 magazine Issue 1 cover

Available from Eaglemoss under their Hero Collector and Die-Cast Club brands, the DB5 is a partwork 1:8 scale model project. When you subscribe, you receive regular instalments in which you build the model month-by-month, with accompanying magazine issues.

Each shipment of parts is supplied with installation instructions to allow you to develop your replica DB5 step by step. The magazine issues provide lots of additional facts about this model, and a poster shows how your completed model should look.

What’s impressive about Eaglemoss’s version of the DB5 is the quality of the build and the extra details. The Aston Martin DB5 has a sleek, timeless design, and this is reflected beautifully in miniature. But what makes the Goldfinger DB5 special, of course, is all those additional gadgets, and it’s great to see so many of them replicated. From the rotating tyre slashers to revolving number plates and the passenger-side ejector seat, there’s an abundance of details to evoke the car’s most memorable movie moments. And naturally, I relish adding my own spin and pushing the realism of this superb model even further.

Modding the DB5

The 1:8 model of James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 is a thing of beauty. As always, Eaglemoss have come through with a great scale miniature that does justice to the original. This is a superb model that has a quality feel and some inspired features. But, a bit like Q in the Bond films, I’ll be working hard on mods that take the DB5 to a new level!

Look out for my DB5 mods as the build takes shape. Some of my mods will correct details that aren’t quite authentic in the standard model. Others will add in extra features that I think modellers would like to see included. And in other cases, I’ll release mods that improve the quality standard of selected parts, raising your model to a level of luxury that even a discerning customer like 007 himself would appreciate.

One of the most exciting opportunities that comes with modding the DB5 is being able to adapt it for different Bond eras. The Eaglemoss model represents the car as it appears in its Bond debut Goldfinger, and many of my mods will enhance your model’s screen accuracy relating to this film. But I’ll also provide options that closely replicate the DB5’s appearance in later films, including Skyfall. Whatever direction you want to take DB5, my top-quality mods will bring an extra touch of class to this uniquely classy Bond car.

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