Attaching the Roof Rack

Take 8 x ML1 screws and attach the roof rack to the roof of the Ecto-1 (2 x ML1 screws on each corner).

 Attaching the Green Storage Tube

Starting with the top three fixing points on the green storage tube brackets – take 3 x ML1 screws and begin attaching to the right-hand side of the roof rack.

Finish attaching the green storage tube to the roof rack using a further 3 x ML1 screws for the bottom fixing points on the green storage tube brackets.

 Attaching the Ladder

Carefully remove the 3M backing from the ladder bracket.

Avoid putting any pressure on the ladder bracket as it is a delicate piece of the ladder assembly.

Hook the top ladder brackets over the roof rack, aligning with and covering the fixing points that were originally intended for the Eaglemoss ladder.

The ladder is designed to hang off the roof rack and requires no glueing or additional fixings.

Align the bottom edge of the ladder bracket with the bottom edge of the fixing slot moulded into the side of the Ecto-1.

Align square to the side of the Ecto-1 and gently push into position – be careful not to put too much pressure on the ladder bracket.

 A little surprise

Securely hold the green storage tube ensuring that it can’t move or twist, gently grip the edges of the end caps (not by the handles), and you’ll notice they are removable – giving you access to inside the storage tube. And, if you look closely there may even be a little surprise inside!

Do not pull on the handles themselves – these are delicate and are for decoration only. Only open the end caps by gripping the edges.

Congratulations, kit 1 is now complete!