Drawing of Ghostbusters Ecto-1
Drawing of Ghostbusters Ecto-1

Fanhome 1:8 Ghostbusters Ecto-1

Build planner – Where you’ll need my mods

Stage 01Metal Hood Vents
Stage 03Magnetic Licence Plate Kits
Stage 04Magnetic Wheel Caps (1st Wheel)
Stage 17Magnetic Wheel Caps (2nd Wheel)
Stage 26Delco Battery Sleeve
Stage 32Magnetic Wheel Caps (3rd Wheel)
Stage 34Magnetic Wheel Caps (4th Wheel)
Stage 44Footwell Carpets with Heel Pad
Stage 48Front Seatback Covers

Stage 51Black Mini Cable Ties
Stage 52Rear Carpets, Metal Grille and Metal Trims
Stage 57Rear Seatback Cover with Metal Trims
Stage 64Metal Gurney Floor Rails
Stage 80Door Transfer and Sticker Kits (Driver side door)
Stage 91Door Transfer and Sticker Kits (Passenger side door)
Stage 102Door Transfer and Sticker Kits (Rear cargo door)
Stage 102Metal Rear Door Vent
Stage 135 onwardsResurrect the Ecto-1 KIT 1
Stage 135 onwardsResurrect the Ecto-1 KIT 2
Any stageTiny Twinkies

Planning ahead

This guide is intended to help you plan your build and show you where each of my mods come into play as you progress through each stage of the Fanhome 1:8 Ghostbusters Ecto-1 (previously available via Hero Collector).

With this planner you can see, at a glance, at which stage you need to install a particular upgrade or accessory. Helpful to know since some modifications must of course be applied before the next stage of the partwork build can take place.

Some mods can be difficult or at times impossible to install once the build progresses too far, so saving back your issues and not building at every stage is often recommended, especially if you know that you’re planning to apply modifications to your model. It also makes it more fun (in my experience), as having more issues to build in one sitting can be more interesting than one issue at a time, especially when some issues often contain a very small number of parts – perfectly normal with partwork models.

A great way to extend your build

Giving your model an upgrade is a great way to discover even more enjoyment as a partwork hobbyist.

Naturally, if you’ve committed to a project, it will be for a model which you’re probably already happy with, and which is made to a high standard. Fanhome’s Ecto-1, with its quality features and impressive detail, is no exception. But the intimate nature of partwork modelling, where you see each stage unfold, can heighten your appreciation of the finer points.

Installing quality mods raises the levels of realism and can make you fall even more in love with your model, as well as extending the build for added enjoyment from the experience. If you’re hoping to achieve this with your model, this build planner is a great place to check back on between issues – enabling you to plan ahead and helping to make your Ecto-1 the best it can be.

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