Why we choose Aoshima model kits

We are, of course, all about the big-scale models here at Mike Lane. But what we love about these smaller kits from Aoshima is that they’re packed with lovely detail and are finished to an impressive standard. Aoshima Bunka Kyozai (to give them their full name) actually emerged from an aeroplane research institute that started life in Japan in 1924. The company progressed to making wooden model planes in 1945, then onto plastic model kits in 1961. This passion and heritage continue to show in the models released by Aoshima today.

Even at 1:24 scale, Aoshima’s replicas have a surprising amount of fine detail, inside and out. Their KITT model, for instance, has the fun added bonus of working lights and sound features. For fans of 80s movies and TV – and the unforgettable vehicles they brought us – Aoshima’s models are a real treat. Dipping into titles that include Back to the Future, Knight Rider and Airwolf, it’s a selection of products that’s pretty hard to resist.

Even for big-scale build-up fans, an Aoshima project has a lot to offer. Building a smaller cousin version of your big project can be a nice modelling fix between issues. And for beginners or anyone looking for a more cost-effective option, these are a great choice. Despite being simpler, assembling these kits helps polish those fine building and painting skills (look out for our tools and painting kits tailored specially for select Aoshima models). And, of course, who wouldn’t want another great piece celebrating a beloved movie or show.

Something else you’d like?

If there’s another model you’d like to see, or something else that you think other model-makers would enjoy, feel free to get in touch and I’d be happy to consider stocking it in future!