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Agora Models 1:8 1961 Jaguar E-Type

Hand-crafted upgrades for the Agora Models 1961 Jaguar E-Type, designed to make your model look and feel even closer to the real thing.

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High quality, and designed to be accurate and easy to install, my mods take the detail of your scale partwork Jaguar E-Type to the next level.

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The original Jaguar E-Type Roadster

When Jaguar released its E-Type in 1961, it created an instant classic. This two-seater sports car, also known as the XK-E, was available as a coupé or an open-top roadster – and it had it all. Designed by aeronautical engineer Malcolm Sayer, the E-Type reached top speeds just shy of 150mph, and could shoot from 0–60mph in under 7 seconds. And this supercar power came with the handling and driving ease of a production vehicle.

But what made the E-Type such a game changer was that it combined this breathtaking performance with exquisite looks. Sleek, yet with sexy curves, and packing features like leather bucket seats and eye-catching wire spoke wheels, this British beauty was an instant hit. And it was destined to be regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful cars for decades to follow.

Despite its allure, the E-Type was relatively affordable at the time. The buzz around the car was a global phenomenon, as everyone from movie and rock stars to regular motorists wanted a piece of the action, and production simply couldn’t meet demand. Today, the E-Type Jag, perhaps more than any other car, embodies the glamour and revolutionary spirit of the swinging 60s.

The Agora Jaguar E-Type Roadster model

This one-eighth scale model is based on the Series 1 Roadster version of the car from 1961, finished in the bright Carmen Red colour. Agora’s impressive metal-bodied replica is abundant in great features that recreate the elegance of the original car.

These include working lights, front wheels that turn when you rotate the steering wheel, and windable windows. The model also imitates the car’s interior features nicely – all the more important in an open-top vehicle – and includes tan-coloured replica leather upholstery. And there are even engine and horn sound effects to add to the sensory enjoyment.

All in all, Agora’s Jaguar E-Type stretches to a length of 55cm and comprises 500 around parts. You build the model issue by issue by subscribing through Agora. This process allows you to get up close and personal with the many components and design features of this stunning vintage car.

Modding the Jaguar E-Type

Whenever I embark on a partwork model project, I strive to make it as realistic and awe-inspiring as it can possibly be. No matter how good the standard model is, there’s always space to raise the wow factor. That means using high-quality components, correcting any errors and making the replica even truer to the original.

The Jaguar E-Type was a thing of soul and beauty, and a real emblem of 1960s style, so it deserves star quality treatment. As the build develops, look out for my mods, upgrades and accessories designed to give your Jaguar E-Type a luxury lift.

While these mods are of course never essential, I think they can make your model even more special – as well as rectifying issues and inconsistencies that can niggle and undermine your satisfaction with the final piece. Meticulous work goes into researching, developing and handcrafting my mods – I hope they contribute to your enjoyment of an even more beautiful Jaguar E-Type.

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