DeLorean model – complete with mods – takes pride of place in Denver transportation museum

If you’re a fan of the DeLorean Time Machine from Back to the Future, you might be aware that the definitive version of this beloved movie car, the original ‘A’ hero car, can be viewed at Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.

But now the time-travelling machines little brother, the 1:8 scale model from Eaglemoss, has earned its place in a museum collection too. And thanks to loyal customer of mine, Brett Musick, it’s packed with the extra screen-accurate mods that devotees of the original Time Machine will recognise and love.

Brett approached the Forney Museum of Transportation, located in Denver, Colorado, on completing the three-year build of his DeLorean model to ask if they would be interested in displaying it on temporary loan. The museum’s coordinator gave it a more prominent position than expected, as Brett explains:

“The original idea was for it to go in the model gallery, but when we dropped the car off they decided to display it on the museum floor which is super awesome! It’s in a display case in the center of the museum!”
Forney Museum of Transportation logo
Rear of DeLorean exhibit in Forney Museum
DeLorean at Forney Museum with mods from Mike Lane installed
DeLorean at Forney Museum with bonnet open
DeLorean model exhibited at Forney Museum of Transportation
Inside the DeLorean model displayed at Forney Museum
DeLorean model at Forney Museum door with gull-wing door open
The Forney Museum is home to an impressive and diverse collection of historical transport vehicles and related exhibits, from cars and motorcycles to buses and steam locomotives. As well as actual vehicles, it counts toys and models among its 600-plus exhibits. While many of us won’t get a chance to see the DeLorean Time Machine up close, Brett’s completed model will offer anyone who visits the museum in Denver a glimpse of the features and details that made the car such a hit with generations of Back to the Future fans.

Seeing this model complete, together with my mods applied, is of course exciting, but seeing it proudly put on display to the public is a first for me. I share the pride that Brett must feel seeing his completed model under a glass cabinet, front and centre of the museum. Brett has been a loyal customer and long-time supporter of my work, for which I’m very grateful. Like so many others, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed having a miniature DeLorean Time Machine to call my own, and the addition of mods can really help to push the boundaries in terms of realism and replicating the original. So, seeing a highly modified version of the DeLorean getting a public showing is very satisfying.

Here’s a rundown of the mods from my range that appear on Brett’s museum piece:
  • Extensive detailing using my vinyl sticker kits
  • Added interior carpet detailing using my pre-cut self-adhesive carpet set
  • Improved instrument cluster using my custom 88mph replacement dashboard
  • Improved Mr Fusion detailing using my vinyl wrap
  • Added screen-accurate Mr Fusion beer can and banana skin fuel props
  • Improved ‘Goodyear Eagle GT’ tyre print using my tyre transfer kit – with added ‘showroom sheen’ model tyre dressing
  • Added magnetic wheel caps – for easy removal of wheels
  • Upgraded wooden hood box kit – depicting exactly how it looked in Back to the Future Part III
  • Upgrades to the plutonium case and replacement Bulova alarm clock face
  • Upgraded bonnet and luggage compartment – with diecast metal tools and interior carpeting
While this is the first 1:8 scale DeLorean Time Machine I’m aware of which has appeared as an official museum exhibit, other, possibly non-movie-related DeLoreans can be visited around the globe – a handy guide to the many current exhibits available can be seen here.

It’s great to see this scale version of the DeLorean Time Machine that many of us love being placed on display for the wider public to enjoy – and with my mods being featured, a proud moment personally for me. So, thank you to Brett Musick for sharing his finished model and to Forney Museum for giving it pride of place among their remarkable collection.

Entrance to Forney Museum in Denver, Colorado
Cars exhibited at Forney Museum
Early cars exhibited at Forney Museum

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