10% off all my Ecto-1 mods this Ghostbusters Day (8th June) using ‘SLIMER10’

Get 10% off all my Ecto-1 mods this Ghostbusters Day – using coupon code SLIMER10 at checkout!

Slimer ghost from Ghostbusters

Tomorrow is 8th June, which can mean only one thing – Ghostbusters Day!

This unofficial anniversary, which marks the release date of the 1984 Ghostbusters movie, has become a focal point for fans of the original film and the franchise as a whole.

To mark the day, I’m offering a 10% discount on all my mods for the Hero Collector 1:8 Ecto-1 model using SLIMER10 at checkout.

This offer is for one day only, so if you’re in the process of building your own Ectomobile, grab it while you can!

How do I claim this discount?

To claim your 10% discount, simply use the code SLIMER10 at the checkout when you buy any products from my Ecto-1 range, which you can find here.

What if I already have a pending order?

You can still take advantage of this deal by adding some discounted products to your pending order – by using the ‘combine my orders’ feature at checkout.

When you add anything extra to your basket and progress to the checkout, you’ll automatically be notified if you have an order still in production.

You can then combine your new order with your existing one – with no additional shipping fee. Your orders will be combined into one and sent together in a single package once ready.

When is the deal available?

This offer is available for one day only, on Wednesday 8th June 2022(from midnight to midnight, EDT – New York’s time zone).

Happy Ghostbusters Day!

Mike Lane

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