A (very) small thank you for OUTATIME movie maker Steve Concotelli and DeLorean Time Machine legend Joe Walser.

As fans of the DeLorean Time Machine, we owe a lot to Steve Concotelli and Joe Walser. In writing and directing the OUTATIME: Saving the DeLorean Time Machine film, Steve brought us a fantastic account of how this beloved movie car was brought back to life by Joe Walser, world expert on the DeLorean time machine, and a team of dedicated fans. Together they helped rescue the DeLorean Hero ‘A’ car after years of neglect, and to bring this cinematic icon back to its former glory.

So as a thank you for their hard work, I decided to send them a small token of my appreciation. A tiny one, in fact – a 1:8 scale model of the Blu-ray OUTATIME movie! Hand made to look as close as possible to the real thing, it even has a removable Blu-ray disc. It just needs a miniature Blu-ray player now to accompany it! A project for another day perhaps.

Making this “Tiny OUTATIME” was a fun (if fiddly!) side-project but an absolute pleasure. The ongoing support Steve and Joe have shown me personally is hugely appreciated. And their work on the OUTATIME film and the DeLorean restoration has been an inspiration to all of us Back to the Future lovers.

Miniature OUTATIME movie next to real life size Blu-ray DVD
Miniature replica of OUTATIME Blu-ray DVD
Model of OUTATIME DeLorean Blu-ray film

I’m delighted to say that Steve was pleased to receive this surprise gift in the post. He kindly replied by saying:

“Mike Lane Mods has done it again! Today, he surprised us with…Tiny OUTATIME! Mike created this custom 1/8 scale OUTATIME Blu-ray to along with Eaglemoss Time Machine Build Up. It even opens up and has teeny OUTATIME disc inside the case. Incredible work, Mike!”
Model OUTATIME movie Blu-ray DVD
Outatime model Blu-ray DVD case and disc

My sincere appreciation goes out to Steve and Joe – it’s a real privilege to connect with them through the amazing world of the DeLorean time machine. And I’d like to thank everyone for your interest in my DeLorean mods and your ongoing support. I hope you enjoy watching my short film – and I look forward to sharing more of my mods for great movie cars very soon!

You can read more about this on the official OUTATIME: Saving the DeLorean Time Machine Facebook page here and here.

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